Florida Gangs Get CCW!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DevilDawg235, May 9, 2012.

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    I equate that to kind of like freedom of speech, its easy to back freedom of speech until someone says something you hate to hear. Think of the flip side, wouldn't you hate to loose your ccw because of a bogus arrest that you end up not being convicted on? Arrests should not be used against you, cops make mistakes, and in fact there are bad cops out there who would intentionally make a bad arrest; the court system is a check and balance for the police arrest.

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    It's something that will eventually work itself out. Running with a gang, those guys will end up getting convicted of something at some point and lose their CWL. In the meantime, whether they run with a gang or not is irrelevant; even bad guys have Constitutional rights, including 2nd Amendment rights, until they actual do something to get arrested and convicted of. Their choice of friends and associates doesn't matter.

    If that CCW holder has to shoot someone because of gang violence, he's going to end up in jail. He cannot use the gun in self defense if he's the aggressor or is in the act of committing a crime. If he's caught up in a gang shooting, odds are they'll find a way to get him.
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    Does anyone know if a CCW holder may get in trouble if he caught hanging out with felons?

    Another question I've dying to ask :

    Would you be allowed to apply and obtain a CCW Permit IF there is a felon living in your house?
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    I'd guess those are both state specific, and having a CCW with a felon living in the house is likely not only state specific, but probably limited to 'case law' as in there's nothing specific written in law, but it has come up and been decided in court.
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    What if someone breaks into ur house and the felon living with you shoots the BG with ur gun?

    I'm sure a lot can come out of this. No one has ever mentioned this scenario. I'm curious to know...
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    Actually it was addressed before, but no biggie!! The felon goes to jail for being in possession... Your gun is confiscated and held as evidence... Possibly to never be returned... Happysniper you have any further info I didn't provide?
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    That is the worst written news article ever lol.
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    There is no law about a CWP holder hanging out with felons unless they are committing a crime . As far as living with them make sure the gun is not in a common area where the felon has access to it .

    Better idea is to avoid felons
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    Well in the case of my father (a former convicted felon) he was convicted of a non-violent felony 18 years ago. I'm living with my parents until I get married so I'm glad there is no law about associating with felons when you have a CWP.
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    Nailed them both, dead on. These are the answers to both questions.

    If there were a law against a CWP holder hanging around with felons, it wouldn't be an issue because the gangbangers in the article would just get arrested.

    As far as living with a felon, theoretically they couldn't shoot someone with your gun, because you are not suppose to allow access to it.