Flashlights on GLOCKS do they really cause problems

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    I recently purchased a GEN 4 19 and i bought a Streamlight TLR-3 its in the mail.... its the smaller light they offer.... i have heard they could possibly mess up my GLOCKS function and disconnect the slide have any of you experienced this???
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    I don't know much about the history on that issue, so I won't speculate. My light does not cause any issues on my G19 Gen4.

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    First time I'm hearing that rumor also...
  4. I saw a vid a while back of something similar but can't remember which attachment it was but it was very clearly demonstrated over and over in the vid.
  5. Found it. But here's the deal, the guy who posted the vid commented back saying......

    " The factory had installed the incorrect slide stop spring that is why the gun was having this issue. It most likely would have done it without a light installed in time due to the crimped spring. At least that's what factory said. BTW, Glock had TLR-1s in their factory to test on the light and claimed that TLR-1s should not cause a malfunction on their gun."

    That being said looks like a VERY isolated incident.

    But for educational purposes here's the vid......


    Been running lights for a very long time w/o issue myself. So have a billion other people.
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    The gen 3 g22s and 23s had problems with weapon mounted lights. I believe thats why they switched the recoil spring assemblies in the the gen 4s. Do a google forum search for gen 4 9 mm malfunctions. I know they also did a recoil sprig assembly recall in the Gen 4s. I think you're good if you have the new recoil spring assembly marked 0-4-3. (the 3 is on bottom) it's part #8703. For what it's worth my gen4 g22 has its new spring (0-1-4) an I have a TLR-1 on it an it shoots great. Shot a coke can at 65-70 yds with it last weekend... Thought that was perry cool
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    Let me specify a little better.. The gen 4 g19 shoul have the new recoil sprig assembly marked 0-4-3
  8. Don't take this wrong but what in the world does all that in bold have to do with the original question?:confused:
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    You've probably heard about issues with the old mags in Gen 3 Glocks.

    There was an issue with Glock 22 gen3 using a taclight if they did not have the 11 coil spring in the magazine. We had this issue with a few of our Glocks at our PD, Glock told us to check the mags, and we did have mags that did not have the 11 coil spring (I think ours were 10 coil, maybe it was 9, not sure). We switched to the 11 coil spring mags and the problems have dissappeared.

    I can't begin to understand how an extra coil in the magazine can effect how the pistol functions in relation to a taclight, but it did work for us.
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    It aint bold on my iphone...
  11. It is on my laptop.:p

    What I was referring to was the 2/3's of his post talking about the RSA's.
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    @mikep-- I think I read somewhere that the extra weight of the tac light on the front of the gun caused the slide to move back at a different velocity and it affected the ability for the spent casing to eject and the new round to chamber properly. From what I understand the gen 4 .40s are a safer bet with weapon mounted lights than the gen 3s and the gen 3 9mms are a safer bet with weapon mounted lights than the gen 4s.
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    If a light causes a gun to malfunction them one would need a new gun.
  14. Problem number one.;)
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    Ok so this is kinda scary. I have a gen 3 G23 and want the tlr-1 for it. I plan on buying a 21 and that's we're the light will live after I make that purchase. Would you guys recommend getting one or stay away from weapon mounted lights after reading this thread?
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    I've had no problems with my Viridian X5L gen2 on my G 21 Gen 4. It's been on there for over a year, about 3,000 rounds.

    If Glock didn't approve of Tac Lights & such, why would they put a factory rail on the gun? I'd think it would have been tested plenty before release to the public.
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    I agree with that...
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    I've run G21 gen3 and G35 gen3 with both the TLR-1s and Streamlight/Insight M3. No problems other than the lens getting sooty on the G21. The G35 barrel is ahead of the lens and stays clean.

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    Problems were originating before Glocks had rails, people would still put lights and lasers on the gun even though they were not designed that way…

    If it has a rail, and the light isn't a freaking dcell maglight, you should be fine...