FL Stand You Ground Law To Be Repealed?

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by IrishRifles, Apr 5, 2012.

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    As usual a totally over-reaction by politicians. Wonder how they would feel if they were a victim of a home invasion or other crime and did not have time to retreat.

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    I think it's unlikely that this event will initiate a serious repeal effort. There is more than sufficient information available to show that Martin initiated the conflict; the "stand your ground" law (the name/insinuation of which is BS...it's nothing more than the removal of the "duty to retreat"), in this case, worked as intended. Once the dust has settled, people like this D-Ft Lauderdale will find that he has overreacted and will lose any support for this effort that currently exists among otherwise intelligent people. He will, of course, retain the support of Sharpton, Jackson, etc., along with the Brady Bunch and other ignorants. Though I suspect, before much longer, Sharpton & Jackson will realize that they've been feed incorrect information and been outraged over, essentially, nothing, and they too will quietly slink away until something else happens that they can get riled up about.


    ETA: IMO, the title of this thread, which makes it seem like repeal is actually in progress or being considered by the FL Legislature, with a "supporting" article that is nothing more than one D "taking public testimony", not even having an actual hearing in the legislature, serves only to rile up forum members who will react to the title without reading the article.

    I find this happening frequently on various forums. The majority do not read the article linked; they read only the title of the thread and opening comments and they react to that, rather than to what's actually going on.

    I think it's unfortunate, mostly that people don't bother to educate themselves on a topic before getting themselves upset about it, but also that there seems to be a need to mislead people into an unfounded outrage.

    I see this being used by groups/people with political motivations and heavily by 2nd Amendment related groups. I don't fall for it and I try to inject facts into the conversation, though many still prefer to run on their assumptions of what might happen instead. :rolleyes:

    Such is the state of our once great nation.
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  6. Blame the media... they need to sell commercial spots so they need viewers and what better brings viewers then controversy.

    I don't see this bill even hitting the floor.
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    Well, we dont need to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our property, etc. Its for the criminals to take, isnt it? Its all about them not having a good childhood or something like that that made them the way they are, and do the things they do over and over again, because the corrupt system lets them out on parole, isnt it? Idiots! Just run away from the criminal with the knife or gun, holding you up, yeah, thats it. Ha, Ok....Its easy.
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    Do you honestly think all those blue-haired q-tips living down there will let them repeal it?

    My brother lives down there and it's already a hot topic amongst the retiree communities. He told me any vote for repeal will be a vote of political suicide.

    Those old folks down there have no intentions of becoming easy targets in God's waiting room.
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    I dont think this is going anywhere. To make a decision based on a case like T. Martin and maybe a few others, would cause rage among gun lovers here.

    98% of gun owners here are responsible citizens, just because a lose cannon once in a while decides to do something stupid doesnt mean the rest of us are like that. This is also an election year, so I wouldnt be surprised if politicians start touching this issue in order to gain votes. Everyone knows how importan Florida is in the ballots.

    Lets hope for the best my friends.... Lets hope for the best!
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    Right on, Right on.
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  12. Agree with the previous posts. Whatever actually happened between Zimmerman and that kid, whatever emotional rhetoric the media places on the case, it still has to go to a judge. If the dude broke the law, he should go to jail. Some might try to use the case as a rallying cry to reverse a good law in Stand Your Ground, and their trying can not be prevented or avoided. But I have faith that cooler heads will prevail. You can't take everyone's motor vehicle privileges away because one person ran theirs through a shopping mall, and I believe judges and legislators will see and understand that this is just such a case.
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    I don't know if they will try to repeal it, but history has shown that someone will bring it up. The only thing for us to do is to be envolved in our communities and to educate as many as we can as far as safe and responsible gun handling. Join an organization that supports the second amendment, and put a good face on to the public of responsible gun owners. And when the time comes, fight like hell to keep your right to self defense. March, protest, vote and argue your case to anyone and everyone. Hope floats but actions get things moving.
  14. Crazy that an issue like Zimmerman, which easily has reasonable doubt from the facts that what we know... is causing this much disdain for gun holders.


    I work in media and of the 245 local ABC stations that are out there only 74 are showing the news breaks about this case for fear of racial issues down the road.
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    They have made it a racial issue already. If it was committed against a white man, the media may touch on it, or mayby not, let it slide under the rug, but if its done against a certain race of people, its racism and/or a hate crime. Makes me sick, and Im tired of it. Reverse racism man, thats all it is, sad to say.