First Upgrades you did to your glock?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by bryanbrescia, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Hey! I am looking to get my first glock in the next month or so, I am going to go with the 31, but I was just wondering what upgrades everyone has done to their glocks before even firing it. After shooting many glocks and researching for many hours, I have decided that straight out of the box, I will be doing the following upgrades.

    - Get tritium night sights
    - Install the 3.5 lb trigger pull instead of the standard 5.5
    - Replace the stock pins with the titanium set (aesthetic only)
    - Replace stock recoil spring with the Tungsten spring
    - Install chrome extended slide lock (one of the best upgrades to make it wayyyy easier to disassemble your firearm)
    - Install aluminum extended mag catch
    - Hammer and Punch set

  2. Also, the Beaver tail grip enhancer is top of my list to help eliminate slide bite

  3. firemancole2003

    firemancole2003 New Member

    upgraded sights and lighter trigger pull.
  4. bhale187

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    Night sights are the only upgrade my glocks have, well that and a TLR-1 for my G22. I think Glocks do everything they are supposed to do right out of the box, and so I leave them be.
  5. Birddogyz

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    I replaced the trigger connector in all mine.
  6. jeremydavis

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    I'm thinking about tungsten guide rod. Has anyone given them a shot and what did u think?
  7. After many years I've now come full circle recently with the whole trigger thing. After trying most trigger upgrades except for stuff like fulcrum set ups I have decided that stock triggers work best for me. While the 3.5 is just that, it actually adds to the length of the pull.....something I've grown to dislike.

    A good set of night sights and then run the hell out of them. That is all.
  8. Yeah I know they are solid out of the box, but the trigger pull is the one that Im looking at first, then the tungsten rod.... I feel like that would kick the recoil down a lot which leads to more accurate shooting and faster acquisition.... anyone have input on the tungsten?
  9. Redhawk41mag

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    I never thought to change the pins...but it will look great Im sure. I did change to a extended slide stop, best move so far! Good luck with yoru upgrades!
  10. Thanks red, and I have seen a few mods with the pins, when you have the pins, slide lock, mag catch, and slide stop all in chrome, and it looks nice.
  11. Mag extensions and good holster so far. I am planning on getting nights sights as soon as funds allow it. You have a good list there BTW.
  12. Thanks man, and yeah, I have done a lot of research and testing with this stuff.... I can damn near take apart a glock and reassemble it with my eyes closed lol
  13. jimmyalbrecht

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    Btw, you would have to try really hard to get "bitten" by the slide on a Glock.
  14. yeah I know, but I still wanna get the beaver tail, I mean its not too expensive and helps you ride up higher and get a better grip on it ya know?
  15. jimmyalbrecht

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    Personally I believe it gives you a lower grip because of the thickness of the beavertail. Decide for yourself it's your gun! Haha
  16. well, you may be right lol, but I feel like it would help me pull up consistently ya know?
  17. I have never modified my Glock and probably never will. Like the saying goes...

  18. Only upgrades I do right out of the box.
    1. 3.5 lbs wolf trigger bar
    2. Extended slide release
    3. Decal grips (sandpaper) Made by me out of 3M griptape.
    4. Pearce mag extension PG-39 for both G26 mags
    5. Shoot ~200 rounds to seat barrel and slide.

    I did this on my G26 and G19...
  19. ^^ Not sure why you would NEVER modify anything on the glock. While they are solid out of the box, there are just a few little things that need to be tweaked that it just makes sense.
  20. Cruizer

    Cruizer G17 G19

    As of now

    Extended slide stop lever on G26 and G19C
    Pearce mag. extension on all G26 mags.
    Jentra plugs on both
    G26 came with Meprolight night sights, trying to decide what to put on my G19C