First Trip to range with G17 & Lasermax Laser..

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  1. Finally got the Lasermax Guide rod Laser , Installed it and went to the range to Try it out.. I think im going to like it.. I think after a couple more Trips to the range i should get better..

    First Target pic... Shot from 15ft , 21ft,40ft & 60ft..

  2. SHOOTER13

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    Awesome shootin' !!

  3. I would say that is some good shooting.
  4. ratchetjaw

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    Nice shooting. I had / have one for my 20 and 29. Both plagued with the turning off/on with recoil problem so took the out and mounted trl2's. You have any of these issues?
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    Impressive 20yard head shots, looks like you've got it dialed in
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    Hopefully you guys that have experience with lasers can help me.

    I've been told that having a laser on a handgun is pointless because the more you shoot the gun the laser becomes out of aim? Any truth to this?

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Awesome accurate shooting with the guide rod laser. I just bought one new of gunbroker for my 31 at a steal price of 235 shipped woohoo! Can't wait to install and go to the range and pop some Speer lawman 125gr fmj's with it cheers!
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