First time glock owner 21 .45 acp

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by steverich88, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. steverich88

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    I love it great gun wouldn't trade it for anything
  2. MiguelAngel

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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for introducing yourself to others. Hope you see you around. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum steverich88 !!
  4. jimmyalbrecht

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    Welcome to the forum! ;)
  5. Boracay

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  6. Glock19

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    Gen3,SF, or Gen4? I'm considering a full size ACP or GAP for home defense. Welcome to GlockForum!
  7. KeenansGarage

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum! Stick around, you will like it here!