First Shots - G19 - Advice/Feedback Please

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by CJFinkle, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. CJFinkle

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    Hey All,

    I just purchased a new Glock 19 and this is my first post on a Glock forum.

    So I finally got a chance to take the gun to the range the other day and the options were either 10 yards or 25 yards. At 25 yards, I could barely make out the darn target, so I stuck with 10 yards! :)

    Anyway, here are my first 25-ish shots, using 115gr Freedom Munitions target ammo. I had zero problems with the ammo, but as you can tell, I did have some problems with where I was putting the rounds on paper. For most of the shots, the grouping was fairly tight for my first time shooting, but of course, my consistency got took a dump as I shot because I started to think too much. Those 5 or so flyers outside of the box are the result of me questioning each of those pulls.

    Can anyone give me feedback on what a shooter is generally doing wrong if virtually all of his/her rounds land due west of the intended target? I'm not off by a huge distance, but the consistency of the shot placement tells me I'm doing something consistently incorrect.

    I did have someone else there and he shot both his G19 and my own, back to back and he was putting the same ammo, through the same targets/distance in the same place (dead on), with both G19's. This leads me to believe the sights are fine. Perhaps it's my own sight, but I think it's simply something mechanical that I am doing incorrectly.


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Cracker7

    Cracker7 Heckler & Koch

    Congrats and welcome. Nice shooting. Maybe this will help

    ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1404475295.900957.jpg


  3. CJFinkle

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    Thank you for the chart, that does help!

    Can anyone tell me what it means in the 8 o'clock part of the chart, "tightening fingers"? Which fingers is this referring to?

  4. jefro36

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    Welcome to Forum!! Best advise I could give is shoot more! And maybe find a range that has a 7yrd line! Goodluck!!
  5. RidgeRunner

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    Grettings from Georgia. From what I see you are off to a good start. Some first timers can't hit the paper.
  6. FrontierTCB

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    As others said keep practicing. I've found that the majority of people new to Glocks have a tendency to shoot left and/or low left.

    Tightening fingers would indicate unintentionally squeezing fingers around grip when pulling trigger. This would can't the muzzle left just as trigger breaks. (Right hand shooter)

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  7. CJFinkle

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    Thanks everyone - I found an indoor range that is fairly local and you can shoot from any distance you choose, up to 25 feet away. I think I'm going to head there this week and get some practice in at first 5 yards, then 7. I know it will just take time and lots of ammo to reach the accuracy level I'd like to be at someday.