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first range visit

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Shot my first 220 rounds through my G23 gen 4 without any problems
100 Winchester white box
100 blazer brass
And 20 hornidy critical defense
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Took mine out today also.
50 rounds I put through it I had 1 casing come back and smack me in the face out of the total 50 rounds that went through the gun today, and 190 rounds through the guns since I bought it. I dont think im going to pay any attention to it. Unless it keeps happening.
I did have one hit my head and a few fly just over also kinda wondering about too
Does it have the 28926 ejector, or the 1882 ejector? If it has the 1882 ejector, get the 28926 ejector. If it has the 28926 ejector already, you probably need a new extractor.

I had the same thing in my Gen3 G27. The 28926 ejector fixed it. Some have reported continued "erratic ejection" once the new ejector was installed, they subsequently replaced their extractors and the ejection then became normal, all ejecting to the right between 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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