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  1. Ok well hell has froze over at my house... My wife after being together for 7 years finally has gotten into firearms, and now she wants her first gun to be a handgun so I reaching out to all the guys and girls here on what I should have her going towards? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Refresh our collective memories...which Glock do you own !?

    Does she shoot it ? ...does she like it ?

    Will she be carrying the new one ?

  3. I own a gen 3 glock 22 and a xd 45

    No she has not shot them because the grips are uncomfortable and to big.... She's 5'5" I'm 6'5"

    And she will not be carrying because I live in Illinois no open or conceal and carry..... So this will be her home defense handgun since I work nights....
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    OK then...has she ever shot a 9mm...a .380...any gun ?

    I mean, when you say: "My wife after being together for 7 years finally has gotten into firearms"

    what caliber of gun has she experienced...?
  5. She has shot my 50 cal Thompson center muzzle loader that's it....
  6. Time to go to the LGS and have her pick up tons of guns to see what fits her hand right, and go from there as far as caliber goes.
  7. I told her that but she still insists on my input before we go so in her words start in the right direction. I asked a couple lgs's and they insist on a revolver and deep down I know she wants a semi...
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    Go in saying you want a semi. With the right mechanics even a smaller woman can handle a sizable caliber but CountryMick gave you good advice about handling a lot to see what fits her. Since it's HD rather than carry you don't have to worry about size just for ability to conceal. Bigger gun may be intimidating but the recoil is less of a bear and accuracy will be better than the smaller compacts. .380 is popular, and not too hard to shoot but there are very manageable 9mm. Tell her your input is that fit and feel are critical so handle a bunch of them and see what feels good.
  9. We are going today I'll keep ya posted
  10. Glock 26. Hands down it never fails.

    Then send it to me for pink ;D
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    I hope this can help, it is what I tell people asking me "what is the perfect gun for...(fill-in-the-blank)":

    YOU will never accurately shoot a gun YOU cannot comfortably hold.

    So take her to the LGS, go to several, check out pawnshops (do pawnshops sell guns in your area? they do where I live), and have her touch everything. You listen to the salesman, but she listens to you, so you can direct the selection to semiautos.

    That being said, nothing beats a shotgun for home defense: no need to line up the sights, just point it thattaway! and let the pellet spread pattern do the rest.

    A good compromise (yes, yes, I know, it's not a semiauto) is the Taurus Judge series of revolvers: they can chamber .45COLT (not cheap ammo) as well as .410-GA shotshells. And they are HEAVY!

    Remember: a heavy gun absorbs more of the recoil impulse than a lighter gun, and since you or she won't be carrying it, weight is not an issue.

    Also, have her function the slide on every single semiauto she picks up.

    Hope that helps.

  12. Ok just returned and it's down to a glock 19/26 and 23/27..... She finally told me she wants HD and something we can enjoy together out at the property...... Home defense I already figured. So now we got that out of the way.
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    I'd go G19 just 'cause that's what I have, but you're good to go either way. Hey, they're Glocks!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum!
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    Get here a Glock 18 it is a good start
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    I'd say go with the 19/23. I favor the 40. Cal but either one would be fine. If your not going to CC then I don't see why you would need a baby glock. The Niger grip would be more pleasant to shot IMO