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  1. I will be picking up my first Glock thursday a gen4 22! I know more will follow like a 17c or 17L maybe a 21. I like the full size pistols. Thats because in nj it is hard to get cc permit!Also we can only buy one handgun in a thirty day period.I bought a sig 220 march 19th so Im waiting .They changed the law this year if you TRY to buy in less than the 30 days you will be DENIED!Also loose your second amendment rights for good!!!!!You become a felon.The dealer can loose his ffl too!nj is not firearm friendly.I will be at the shop at 9am thursday!Has there been any gen 4 problems with the 22?I wnted a gen 4 17 all they had was gen3. Should I get the gen3 17?With the gen 4 spring set-up is recoil reduced on the pistol that much?
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Gman56 !!

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    Welcome Gman56!
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    Congrats and good luck! Welcome to the forum.
  5. Thanks you guys I know I'm going to like it here!