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  1. So, I am looking to get my first Glock... I have been doing a lot of researching and shooting, but so far I found that the Glock 22 Gen 3 is my favorite. I like that I can get the 40-9 conversion barrel so I can burn through 9mm instead of 40 at the range. But still shoot some .40 because that is what I will carry for HD. Any feedback about what you like best or any arguments for something else? Also, the upgrades I am looking to get, on whatever my first Glock may be are as follows: 3.5lb connector, tungsten recoil assembly, extended slide release, slide lock, and mag release, and night sights.
  2. I would reccomend adding the 3.5 connector, either fiber optic or fiber optic/ night sights (some of mine have the stock rear sight and a red fiber optic front sight).

    As far as the caliber or model that would be a personal choice. You can see in my signature the ones I prefer.

  3. yeah I see that you have a little bit of everything there lol
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    My personal choice is the gen3 or 2 if i can find one in nice condition. I narrowed all my gun's to 9mm and .45's. The 10mm i really like but the owner of Swampfox ammo passed away. He made some incredible ammo. I think you made a great choice!

    As far as adding i keep my gun's as stock as possible. Night sight's the Mep's which are Glock's OEM i think or Trij. are all nice. Some like the fiber optic never tried so no advice opinion there. Train, dry firing alot and shoot as often as you can. Enjoy...Congrat's

    BTW, the tungsten or stainless i hear add some weight up front and might take just a bit of snap from the .40. I've read this several time's. LoneWolf sell's all you talk about and have a gunsmith to ask Question's. Todd Green has a LW connector in his G17 and said the trigger pull is around ~5 pds. Some go too light in their trigger's imo..
  5. yeah, Im a big fan of the gen 3, not so much the gen 2, but the gen 4 still has some bugs that need to be worked out in my opinion
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    What 's this guns purpose going to be? Range/HD or do you plan to carry it or compete with it? I would suggest Buying the gun, asses how it shoots and then tweak what you need to. I prefer to keep my carry piece stock and modify my G22.
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    For HD or a carry gun, I'd recommend against a 3.5 lb connector by itself... A NY trigger spring and 3.5 lb connector get you a glass breaking ~5 lb trigger... Good luck and welcome!!!
  8. For me, HD and Range, I cant carry in Illinois, but when I move to AZ I am putting the 5.5 back on
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    Sounds like a great plan!! Be safe and good luck!!
  10. ^ thanks man, and yes, as soon as I have some extra money saved up, the first thing Im doing is buying a Glock, probably my 22 Gen3, but no one has convinced me otherwise yet lol
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    You can't go wrong with a Glock, but if you plan on carrying in AZ, you may want to look at the 23 or 27 because the 22 is too large to carry for most individuals.
  12. Yes very true, I have shot a 23, and I like the feel of it.... but, I am also somewhat of a bigger guy as you can see from my pics lol, but yeah I didnt even think about getting one now that I could carry in AZ.... thanks for suggesting that buddy
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    No problem, I am absolutely in love with my 23, it's just right: not too small but not to large either. Plus you could always carry Glock 22 mags for spares and have the same capacity at the range or for EDC.
  14. yeah true true, Then I could cross use them too.... Totally random, do you know what glocks standard recoil spring is set at?
  15. ahh nvm just found it, its 18lbs
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    Yeah, I'm not messing with that for EDC haha. But for competition if I ever get into it, I would mess around with different weights.