First gen Glock.

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    A few years ago I left my local Pd and persued a career in FBOP. Once sent to Glenco I found myself on the range with 25 other recruits. The BOP at the time was using boat anchors Ruger P93. After about a half hour I began to hear the ranger master start yelling at me. I WAS AT POSITION 1 he yell P1 stop stripping that weapon. I was like what's you talkin bout you willis. Then I realized what I was doing. First gen glocks you have to strip the mag. It was muscle memory. Once we completed our rotation my range master climb down from his tower and came right up to my nose. He said you were a cop right. I said yes. He said you own a first gen Glock I said yes. He laughter and said your alright. I thinkin this guys a freakin mind reader.I believe he was a closet Glock fan.
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    That's funny right there! But I will say this....that is a good muscle memory to have...just in case.