"Firearm Myths"

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  1. I don't agree with everything Yeager has to say but the more I watch/listen to him the more I like him.

    As usual from Yeager.......SOME LANGUAGE

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    I like Yeager, his opinions are based on years of personal experience, not internet spetsnaz arm chair warrior B.S.

  3. I love the part in the vid where he talks about people buying parts trying to make the gun more accurant.
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    I just watched this whole vid and I like the guy. And if you guys thinks he's on time with his pointers? I just went to school, though I would have agree with a many of his points just from a common-sense point of view. Definitely not the "industry norm". I'll look this guy up for more stuff.

    Thanks Mike.
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    Yeager can be outspoken and a little rough around the edges, but a check of his bona fides shows he's been there, done that. I'll listen to whatever he's got to say.
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    I don't mind the format anymore, unless in mixed company. Thanks for the info on his background.
  7. A more detailed list of his background.........

  8. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)