Finesteins gun ban

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by kwaynem, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Has anyone heard if this ban is gaining momentum or what I can’t find anything or haven’t heard anything since I seen it was brought up. She is wanting to ban all semi autos that have a detachable magazine rifles and pistols
  2. Easy_CZ

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    That’s never going to pass. Probably won’t even get out of committee.

  3. dutchs

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    Same crap she does every time anyone shoots a gun. The moron has been in California so long she doesn't realize the rest of the country isn't that stupid....
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  5. Southlake

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    Politicians play to those who get them re-elected. If she were to play in favor of concealed carry she would never get re-elected. Similarly, California wants to become a sanctuary state. Personally, I hope and pray that this happens. I also pray and hope once this happens, “ALL the Illegals move there!”
  6. shawn.nky

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    Except when California goes down it will hurt us all. You don't think taxes will go up to keep California going and where do you think the rest of them gun grabbing sanctuary state loving mental patience are going to go there going to spread out and infect our states with there crazyness
  7. docster

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    Much of the Liberal country follows California. Effective July 1 they require 80% lowers to be serialized. Just this past week Bridgeport, CT decided to ban 80% lower builds. Trends start incrementally and quietly.
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    Trumps wall needs to extend the entire length of the eastern border of CA, then we need to annex them from the rest of the US and let them fend for themselves.
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