Find yourself clearing rooms or halls at random?

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement & Military' started by mlawrence, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. mlawrence

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    I was on the VBSS team for my ship and was a team leader for Force Protection Security Reaction Force. I spent tons and tons of time training doing room clearing and tactical team movements. Now sometimes I find myself doing it in my head in stores or at work..just at random. Does anyone else do this?
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    Yep... I think that goes hand in hand with situational awareness. While tactics are certainly a perishable and ever evolving skill, the basics seem to stick with the guys who have training. Since I've got a shop full of Blue guns I constantly find myself clearing the basement and ground level stairs of my house... I sometimes get my 5 year old in on the action too.

    I particularly enjoy watching tac guys come into a room or doorway as compared to how "regular Joe's" do it. Always entertaining.

  3. mlawrence

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    VERY true. I used blue guns all the time just to practice stance and holstering. I miss those days of standing in the armory for ten hours at a time.
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    I started doing it since the department sent us to the Reserve Academy (training on top of that required) and we spent a day on room/hall clearing. I sometimes clear the house when I get home if the kids aren't home. It's an eye opener for sure.

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    Not so much room clearing as situational awareness. Since I got home from Afghanistan in Sept.2010 were I worked as a Security Contractor for 2yrs, I catch myself watching everyones hands that I am around if out in public.
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    I've been out of the Army as an Infantryman since 2009 and out of Iraq since 2006. I still room clear or when I am talking I will still talk usually but will drift my eyes to something else such as a person doing something odd or suspicious activity or getting a count in the area (less people from a lot of people in a area in Iraq means they know something), or just scanning. People think I am not listening to them or paying attention but vets know. Happysniper1? you want to add? I know you caught me doing this when we met.

    I clear rooms in my mind and stay to the side down hallways careful of door openings and constantly "pie" round corners. It is ingrained into me and kept me alive and if something happened I would react quickly but room clearing and situational awareness is apart of me now.

    What is funny is that I study body language and look at the hands so sometimes it looks like I am staring at boobs when it comes to women but most of the time I'm not...:D
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    Very well stated sir. All very true. Even the mist of the time at the end.