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  1. stevem8

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    I've been looking for my first glock for a while now. After scouring over countless reviews and forums, I decided on a Gen 4 G19. I found this one used at my local range. Was $400. Came with all original packaging but with 2 10rd mags. I already dropped in the ghost 3.5, 6lb comp trigger spring and the extended slide release. This gun feels great in my hand. Not "Blocky" at all. Very happy with the lighter trigger pull. And I think the crayon markings turned out ok. Thought I'd use the crayon as a tester and if I like it, make it more permanent with paint. Very Happy with my purchase so far!

  2. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Looks Great and yes that is a Great Price. I too like to get my Glocks used and they have never run me more than $400.00 so I think ya done good except them 10 round mags. Hey maybe you can make a deal with one of the Californios on here to buy them from you to help offset the cost of the normal capacity rounds!


    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    Nice score. Congrats. Crayola job really pops.

    That's a good idea, what sgtcowboyusmc suggested: sell or trade your 10-round mags with a Californian for "normal" capacity mags.
  4. louiespagouie

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    Good looking glock there congrats
  5. dwcfastrice

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    VERY nice. Congrats!!!
  6. stevem8

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    I'm gonna order a 16rd mag soon, but honestly at the range it helps me slow down on ammo use. I've been trying to slow down on emptying my mags and try to pay more attention to shot placement, trigger control and body position. That probably sounds crazy :) It would be good to have a full 16rd mag for home defense if the need ever arises.
  7. Levelcross

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    I feel ya on the ammo, I load a mag with 3-5 rounds at a time, practice mag changes, keeps the ammo cost down somewhat too.