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  1. thesilverbullet

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    South Carolina here - got mine today, wife got hers yesterday.

    86 days from when my money order was cashed, wife's was 85 days (mailed seperately by one day, but cashed on same day)

    88 days from when they recieved my application, 86 for the wife's (they recieved my application on 8:03am 2/1 and the wife's on 8:00am 2/2)

    90 days from when my application was mailed, 88 for the wife's (wife's was mailed a day later than mine and she received her's a day earlier)
  2. Happysniper1

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    Over here, it's been taking the Washoe County Sheriff's Office up to 90 days to issue the permits, they have so many applications.


  3. SHOOTER13

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    Congrats...and welcome to the club !!
  4. its the fear of the 2012 zombies
  5. Webphisher

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    Im still waiting on mine, our sheriffs office always takes the maximum time allotted for permits, and in some cases pushes past it. Applied on 3/7 so hoping I'll have it by 6/7.
  6. Garry

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    I'm in Nevada and currently waiting as well. I applied this past tuesday and was told that its a Max of 120 days and to expect to wait the full allotted time. Anyone recently obtained a CCW in Nevada, Las Vegas? And if so what was your wait time to receive it?
  7. sampsun

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    Picked mine up in nov of last year, from submission to getting it in the mail, 62 days. Not bad for Vegas.
  8. Vegas is slow man. My NV permit took more than the 120 days a few years back.
  9. Garry

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    62 isn't bad at all. But over 120, that's just ridiculous.
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  10. thesilverbullet

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    i just mailed my application for FL permit to pickup GA (~15miles from state line) and gives a total of 34 states... the application had 3-4 wks listed.
  11. G-23

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    Congartulations. SLED has 90 days so they did good by you.
    REnewals are a bit faster nowadays than days gone by.

  12. dougster

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    Got mine yesterday. Oklahoma took 71 days. I was told it would take the full 90, but was pleasantly surprised when I got the letter yesterday.
  13. TheKraken

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    Congrats Dougster!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats and welcome to the club! Kind of weird at first. You wonder if anyone notices you carrying. It is your right. I carry as often as possible, just not at work. You will get used to it. I often wonder if I would ever need it and my first thought is "I certainly hope not!"