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Finally got to try out my new G22

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Traded my 19 for a 22 last week and finally had a chance to shoot it today. I don't know if it was the smaller frame on the 19 or what but my groupings were absolutely horrible.

That has completely changed with the 22, recoil isn't that bad and my groupings are wayyyyy better than with the 19. Now granted they might look horrible to the more experienced guys out there but to me they look beautiful.

Ended up using 2 full boxes of the the Speer Lawman 165 grains today...


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Looks good buddy i also have a 22 and i love it..

Heres a handy little tool that helped me with my grouping...

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I have a 19C Gen3 and I love. However, lately I find myself looking at the 22 specs fairly frequently and I'm afraid it will only be a matter of time before I press ENTER and order one. The attraction is that it can be converted to a 9mm or a 357 as well as a 22LR with the Advantage Arms conversion kit. I'd like to hear opinions on pros and cons. Push me over the edge please!
I love my gen3 22. It shoots very accurate and the recoil is less than what you would think..also I have pretty big hands and I have plenty of space to fully grip and have total control of the weapon..cons are only that you'll love shooting and the ammo gets expensive....I would say go to a range where you can rent or try before you buy and 15 rnds later I'm sure you will be filling out some paperwork..and like you said you can convert it to just about any caliber...

To each his own though only my opinion
I've had my Gen 3 G19 for about a year now and love it. But on Friday I'm picking up his big brother. A brand new Gen 3 G22. Can't wait, I'm already stocked up on ammo.
Picked up a brand new 22LR Heritage Rough Rider at my local FFL today that I purchased online from Bud's Gun Shop in Kentucky. They have a used Glock 22 Gen 3 (law enforcement trade in) for $300. I am so tempted.
Went and shot my new Gen3 G22 this morning. Had a blast. That pistol is really nice. Not as much recoil or muzzle flip as I expected. People told me the 40 was pretty snotty, but I didn't think it was that bad at all. Now its time to get ready for the big Michigan game tonight.

Go Blue.
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