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Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by RimDJ, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. RimDJ

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    So I was able to get to the gun shop. I told the guy there I wanted a 9mm, and not a small one. He gave me a G17 and a G19. I know they are similar, just a few differences. They both felt about the same and were both comfortable in my hand. I liked the 17 more because it felt more balanced than the 19. The 19 felt a little front heavy. I couldn't shoot it cause it is only a store and not a range. My question is when loaded, will they feel a lot different or only a little different? Will the 19 be a little more balanced after it is loaded? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. thepaintedgun

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    When loaded I feel it balances the weapon out

  3. jimmyalbrecht

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    Yes it will be because the rounds have a lot of weight to them.
  4. twag4

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    I have a G22 and a G19 (and 26 and 27). The 22 has the exact same frame as the 17, but I prefer the G19. I shoot both equally well, I just like the 19 more. Only two rounds difference, but a box of ammo will not fill three 17 round magazines. It will, however, fill three 15 round G19 magazines and leave five extra-which is nice. It feels and shoots fine full or empty to me, that balance thing is a non consideration when shooting. Plus, if what you say is true, front weighting should help muzzle flip. Get the one you like better, don't worry about balance. I dont believe you will ever notice while shooting. my opinion only
  5. flightmedic76

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    I agree, when you are shooting you won't notice a difference in feel as the magazine empties. Definitely go with what feels the best for you, even if its not a Glock. There are a ton of great options. Hopefully you have a range nearby that rents so you can try a few different ones.
  6. Happysniper1

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    Nice feeling, isn't it?

    Its kinda like what you feel when you are patting a unicorn, and she turns around and winks at ya!


  7. mlawrence

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    The G19 is my favorite because of its size and comfort in my hands. I feel like I have pretty large hands but it fits great. I absolutely love the way it shoots. The 17 is a well balanced gun as well but to me its a little large for concealed carry if you have a smaller waist size. Both are great choices, but you should most definitely shoot both before you choose one.
  8. iGlock

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    My g30 feels more balanced when loaded so imo yes.
  9. Personally i feel a big difference between my 17 and 19. And my 17 is sucky for carry. Too heavy.
  10. MTS532

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    I like the shorter G-19 because when I present the gun on target, the sights come up just a little bit faster than on a longer slide.