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Finally Got to Open Her Up!

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I'm on a short Vacation in Va to catch up with old friends, and stay with my best/oldest buddy in the world. I carry a Gen 4 G19, and have run 2k through it or so. But I got a chance to go to the Out Door Gun Club I grew up learning to shoot at two days ago. Luckily the 3 of us were the only ones on the pistol range and had a blast (literally). I was finally able to open my 19 up! Happy to report she ate 450 rounds, some clips were complete rapid fires, all with 0 malfunctions. Perfection!
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Hello From the Palmetto State

Must have been a major rush to be able to fire at more than the 1 round per second so many ranges dictate.

Whereabouts in SC are you from? I live in Columbia...
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