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Finally figured I should get around to this...

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Hello All,

Gun enthusiast, GSSF and NRA member, would have my armorer certification on glocks if they would every do AZ classes, planning on getting a gunsmithing degree in the relative future. Been shooting since I was about six but due to a lot of circumstances, just got back into firearm ownership about three years ago and have been building my collection back up since. I'm also in the process of starting up my own custom ammunition business, just waiting on paperwork for the LLC to go through so I can file for my FFL. Starting with a Class 7 and going to get my SOT class 2 right there after so I can do everything but armor piercing ammo and destructive devices.

I love glocks because of their absolute simplicity. Fewer parts just means less to go wrong when I need it. I'm also a 10mm nut.
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Great intro Robert. We are glad you're here. I hope you are enjoying the forum.
Welcome,Welcome Robert! Enjoy the forum!
Welcome to the Glock forum! Stick around, you will like it here!

Good luck with your FFL!
Welcome!!! Im from AZ, setting up my own business too!! You in phoenix or elsewhere?
Welcome from Tucson
I'm down in Maricopa, and commute to Phoenix daily for "the real job."

And thanks for all the welcomes guys and gal!
Welcome from Tampa, Florida
Welcome from NC!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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