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    Quick question! Besides ID, is there anything else I need to take to pick up a transfered firearm? When ordering online, are background checks performed at store of purchase or at ffl dealer? Yes I know I should have asked before purchase but the fact is I didn't so if you have a ignorant comment keep it to urself plz. I'm looking for answers not a**holes. Thanx! Missouri
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    Concealed carry permit will allow the dealer to NOT have to call in for approval in KY! Really speeds up the sale.

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    FFL will probably be the one to do the background check. CCW will speed up the process in MS as well. All you need is your ID and your $$. :)
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    Well I don't have ccw yet but will in my near future. Background check no biggie. Thanx guys I appreciate it.
  5. In Missouri you should only need your drivers license.
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    Now in CA, you need your drivers license, car registration, your handgun safety certificate and 10 days!!! Hope you are not here :eek:
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    [FONT=&quot]At first, it may appear quite annoying and troublesome to apply for a license, not to mention your obligation to pay the required fees. But you need to think out of the box and look at the long term picture. In the end, once you have obtained your license you will be the one who will be paid about $50 just by delivering firearms to your client. You also have the advantage of purchasing guns at wholesale prices and in return, sell them at a more competitive cost. You can actually turn this into your career especially if you love handling weaponry.For more information **********
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    Welcome to the Forum PaulWalker. Please stop over in the introduction forum and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like to shoot.
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    If your FFL on your end of the transaction is a LGS, they will have a form for you to fill out, where you give them the contact information of the FFL that is shipping the firearm to them. The Receiving FFL & the shipping FFL have to contact each other & verify information before the firearm is shipped. I have a good relationship with my LGS that I use for FFL transfers, and always give him a chance to match the item & price of whatever I'm shopping for. Sometimes he can, so I just buy it from him. But if he can't match the price, or doesn't stock the item, he acts as the receiving FFL, and doesn't charge a fee. It's a nice working arrangement. When the firearm arrives, he calls me, and I go in & fill out the paperwork just like any other weapons purchase, background check, Brady fee, etc. Just make sure your information on your drivers license is up to date, current address, not expired, etc.
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    You'll need your drivers license. You'll need to fill out the 4473 and the ffl will do a NICS check. In Nebraska a firearm purchase certificate would cover the NICS check and in Texas a CCW would do the same. If the NICS check comes back clear then it's all yours. If there is a hold then you'll have to wait until it comes back cleared or failed. If you don't have a criminal history then it shouldn't be a problem but if someone shares your name and has a history of no no's then it would benefit you to add your SSN to the 4473. In my 8 years as a ffl I only had one that didn't come back okay right away and then they didn't call back with the proceed with transfer for a month. Technically if the dealer doesn't hear back within three days then he can proceed with the transfer but if it eventually comes back as denied then it's his responsibility to get the gun back.
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    Thanks for the info guys. Thing is, I've purchased 7 firearms online since this post lol.. never denied only delayed. But I have a UPIN now. Used it on my last purchase & walked out with new 1911 after being delayed the last six times...