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Well, I had some old ammunition that needed shooting up, and since some of it was hard cast lead, and some hand loaded semi jacketed hollow points, I elected to leave the G21 at home & give the Springfield a workout. Now, this is really old stuff, I thought I shot it all up a while back, but missed some. About 145 rounds. A few years ago I noticed some split cases, which came as no surprise, since I loaded this batch back in Feb of 1976. And it is a bit warmish. (Note the $5.00 tag for primed new Winchester brass)

I just hustled it through the target to burn it up, and then dug some of the bullets out of the sand, to post some pics illustrating why the modern stuff we have is so much better. No case blowouts, all of it fed, and only a couple of split cases. All gone now, and I'll be happy to replace it with some brand new fresh factory stuff. A good day.

I was just shooting a ten yard target, and had no big expectations on groups or patterns. HappySniper calls the trigger in this gun "Mooshy Hard", (and he makes a face when he says that). So I know a better trigger is in the future for it. The rest of the XDM is fine, and I do enjoy banging away with it. Just not a target shooter, yet....

Anyway, the Semi Jacketed 225 Grain Hollow Points were Speer. No a bad bullet for 1976. But not bonded, so as soon as they encounter anything hard, they shed the jackets & the front 3rd. Pretty much turning themselves into 180 or so Grain solids. Not up to todays standards, but just what we had in the mid 70's. Just an illustration of "The Good Ole Days".

And yes, I did leave the Glock at home because I do really like it, and if something is going to go awry, I'd rather it happened to the XDM. Besides, Springfield is so proud of them, fully supported barrels & all.

Enjoy the bullet wreckage.


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