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  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I own a G27 (.40s&w) and I replaced the base plates on both magazines with Pierce +1 capacity extended base plates. I bought some Remington UMC ammunition; 2 boxes, 250 round a box I believe. I have taken it out on 3 different occasions and have had the slide stuck in the back position and the fired round expelled from the chamber, failing to feed the round. I can manually get the round to feed. It also happens somewhere between rounds 4-7. I fired the same ammo through my G22 and had no issues with feeding. I have not been out to try a different kind of ammo yet, but all I could figure is that it's either 1) bad ammo 2) bad or short magazine springs in the G27 magazines or 3) an abominable combination of both that it does this. Anyone else have an idea or know what's wrong here? If I get out and test new ammo I will report back with what happened. Thanks ahead of time for the comments/help.
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    I would think it could be both the magazine base plates not being put together properly when you added the Pierce +1's.

  3. Yeah? Pretty sure I did it right, but I'll dismantle them after I try shooting some new ammo first. Thanks for the input!
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    It could be the UMC ammo. I've never had any problems with American Eagle or Speer Lawman in my .40 Glocks. I doubt that it would be reduced spring tension, the G27 uses the same 9-coil spring that G23 magazines use, and G23 magazines work fine in a G27. It's possible that using the pinky extension is tilting the magazine forward resulting in a failure to feed.
  5. I have heard reports that the Pearce +1 and +2 mag ext. have had some FTFE issues, so I opted to get the pinky ext. that doesn't add rounds to my G26 and haven't had any issues.
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  6. Did you have these failures before adding the Pierce extensions? If not, then take a guess at what I would be looking at.;)
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    Replace the +1 with the original stock one to see if the problem continues. If it does you can replace the stock spring with one longer. If the problem continues then you have another issue. Start with the simple stuff and go back to the original base plates.
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    I've never had a problem with UMC in my 22, 23, or 27.

    My first guess is the mag extention, switch back to a standard base plate and see it the problem continues. (do both mags have the issue?)
  9. Neither have i in either version. Green/White box or the Yellow/black bulk boxes. Ran thousands of trouble free rounds.
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    Wish I could say thousands. Haha
    I've shot a couple hundred though, no problem.
  11. I don't do a single range trip w/o doing a minimum of 500.
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    I've used the Pearce +1s on my 27 and on other guns with no issues. This is either an install issue, a spring issue or occasional limp wristing in the smaller gun.
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    Thanks for rubbing it in haha. It's been 3 weeks and I just passed 600 rounds
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    I have a G27G4 with a couple of mags with GLOCK Factory +1 base plates and I have never had any issues. She has over 1300 rounds though her and no issues ;)
  15. Thanks for all the input guys! I'm going to have to wait until after Mothers Day to test out some things and I'll get back to you on the out come.
  16. I don't believe I'm 'limp wristing' when I shoot since I don't have this trouble with my other Glock. I'll try and record my shoot so I can see if I am or not though.
  17. No I didn't have any failures, but I also didn't use the same ammo. Usually I buy Winchester ammo at Walmart in the town over from me, but on the previous shoot I was heading the opposite direction so I stopped by my local Dunhams and grabbed their cheapest ammo (cause they're way over priced here) which was the Remington ammo. I know now I shouldn't have done that and stuck with my standard ammo…hindsight 20/20!