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  1. i currently carry (last 20 years) a glock 23 and love it,i just recently purchased a glock 36 (still carry the 23) which is a single stack .45 to play around with cause it fits my hand better then any other glock but have one issue that i've never had with a glock and that is ammo feed problems,it will not feed corbon ammo,i switched to hornady critical defense ammo and fixed problem,does anybody else have this problem with the 36,i carry cor bon in my 23 and have never had any issues with it:confused:
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    I have always said Glocks will eat anything, and heard that too.

    Could i suggest you feed it the hornady or some plinking ammo like Wally World white box, about 500 to a thousnad rounds then try the Corbon again.

    You could check the OAL of the Corbon rounds or, the general dimenions and compare them with a round that feeds well. If the 45 grip feels better to you, I doubt is a limp wristing issue.

    Forgot to add, I like my 23 too and have carried it or a 27 for years!

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    I had two 36's, and both were the only Glocks I ever had that had feed issues. I couldn't believe it. Get a 30, and forget about the 36.
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    is your 36 a gen 4 ?
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    Last time I checked it was a small percentage of 9mm Gen 4's that had the problems. I have a Gen 4 G22 and I know of many more people with the 40s&W Gen 4's that have no problems what so ever. The G36's have had feeding issues since they were first released. Best thing to do is too call Glock about it.
  7. My 36 is a gen-4,i took it to a glock armoror and he said he's seen this before in the 36,he carries a 36 and had same problem with corbon ammo,it wont even feed when you manually pull slide back to feed a round but the cheaper walmart and the Hornaday ammo works just fine,i think it's the angle(design) of the bullet (more blunt nose then hornaday) and seems to be softer compound (not sure) but i am not gonna use it for CC,i will stick with my 23 for now,i was just suprised that it wouldnt feed ammo,i have never had this problem with the 23 EVER,think Glock needs to rethink the 36,i really like how it fits my hand and even uses same holster as my 23,for me the 23 is just the right size but needs to be a little more narrow for me that's why i liked the 36 but dont feel to confident with it right now,guess i'll give Glock a call
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    You might try the Corbon Powerball if you like Corbon but having a feed issue. Some guns will not rack the Corbon DPX due to shape and being solid copper
  9. Some Glocks (and any gun, really) can be finicky. My 19 doesn't "like" the white box Winchester stuff, but will run just about anything else. I use MagTech for practice and sometimes Fiocci, both of which feed without fail. My carry ammo is Cor-Bon and it works like a charm!

    BTW: I use PowerBall in my G30 and it runs flawlessly.
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    You can polish the feed ramp with some Flitz on a Q-tip. Work it forward and back not side to side. The Flitz wont take off the finnish but it will give you a smoother surface. But if it feeds the Critical Defense ammo fine I would just use it, it's great ammo.
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    Say whaaaaaaat? The Glock 36 is not available in the Gen 4 platform yet.

    Photos? Or I call shenanigans.
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    Saw the photo you posted of your G36 on another post, that is not a Gen4. It's a Gen3. As previously mentioned, the 36 has not been released in Gen4.

    Also.. I noticed you are running the +1 extension on your magazine. It is recommended to run a stronger magazine spring when using this configuration. This cound be the cause of your trouble, if you did not change the mag spring.
  13. My bad i bought it new a few months ago and thought it was a gen 4,sorry bout that,it is a gen 3:eek:
  14. I did not change the spring,but wouldnt it do this on all ammo,it's only the corbon ammo that wont feed,when i was at Indy 1500 gun show a few months ago i took it to one of the Glock booths(think it was MY GLOCK DOC) but dont remember for sure and he didnt say anything bout changing mag spring,guess i better look into this plus i'm gonna polish feed ramp too.
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    It could certainly be ammo related. If it's happening with all your mags and only certain ammo... Then you could have very well identified the problem. I number my mags, to help determine if an issue should arise, if it is ammo, mag or other troubles.

    Some guns just don't play nice with all brands/types of ammo.

    There are some 1911s out there that won't shoot hollow point ammo at all...

    So find a setup that works for you!
  16. Yeah it happens with both mags and only corbon ammo,i even tried loading every other round with corbons and evertime the corbons would not feed but all other ammo would,i've only ran bout 100 rounds through it so far,i am going to look into changing springs in mags and see what that will do and for sure gonna polish feed ramp,if i replaced my pierce plus 1 extension with one that is not plus one will i still have to change spring since i'm not adding another round??
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    The PG-360 (+0) is fine with the factory spring.
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    When changing out the mag base and floorplate for more ammo space you are adding lenght to the mag body. So, we ned to replace the the now short spring with a longer one. Say you extend a G23 mag from 13 rounds to +2. Because of the added inside lenght of the mag we need a longer spring say a G22.

    This is necessary for two reasons.
    1 Added weight of the extra ammo the spring has to move.
    2 The longer distance the follower has to travel and still engae the slide stop with enough force to lock your slide to the rear when you run dry on ammo.

    The Corbon issue can also be caused by the follower. You could try to get some up to date / latest greatest follower and replace one to see if that might cure the feed problem.
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    My new G19 (Gen 3) doesn't like REM 115 FMJw

    I've had similar feed problems with my brand new G19 when using Remington 115 FMJ ammo. About 6 of the first 50 rounds through it failed to feed. The Remington JHP 115 and the Cor-Bon DPX 115 +P and Remington Golden Sabers 124 all worked perfectly. I had cleaned the pistol before I took it to the range. Surprisingly, the second time I went to the range, a box of REM FMJ's went hrough with no problems - a good trend. We'll see what happens on range trip number three.
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