Along with the G42, Glock has also debuted the G41 Gen 4 semi-auto pistol, a longer barrel pistol in .45 Auto. It is a pistol that comes with all the standard features of the Gen 4, with some slight modifications. When compared side by side, it is a longer-barreled version of the Gen4 Glock 21, but it is a thinner version, and it has been measured down to match the same composition as the tactical/practical 5.3 inch barrel of the G34, 35 and 40 versions. Essentially it is a Glock 21 with a Glock 34 slide on it. According to Glock, the longer barrel and slide is meant to reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip, and the longer sight radius will help in maintaining accuracy.


The total length of the piece is 8.90 inches, with a total width of 1.28 inches. The barrel length is 5.30 inches. The height of the gun is 5.47 inches, with a slide width of one inch. The barreling is right-handed and octagonal, with a twist length of 15.75 inches, and you'll get a 13-round magazine. You may think the longer barrel will mean a heavier gun because of the extra metal in the barrel and slide, but Glock did something different by incorporating a thinner and longer slide, much like that of the G34, but an inch or so longer.

Photo from G41 Gen4

It also comes with a picatinny rail for attaching a flashlight or laser. There is the standard 5.5 pound trigger pull, and the trigger itself, frame and magazine are from the Gen4 21 piece. Glock has earned somewhat of a reputation for being unfriendly to left-handed users, but the Gen 4 is much friendlier to lefties, and the magazine release lever is dual-handed feature you'll more often in the Gen 4.

What to Expect

When it comes to the Gen 4, you get a longer piece with a lighter frame, but felt recoil is much more noticeable, but only on a minimal scale.

As of now, the lighter and compact G42 will do better with first-time gun owners, and despite the lighter nature of the Gen 4, it will not outsell the G42 when it comes to buyers who are looking for a good conceal-carry weapon. The G42 is being marketed as the smallest pistol Glock has ever made, and it will be a more mainstream weapon accessible to seasoned and novice gun owners. The Gen 41 has improved qualities, and will be a good choice for users looking who are not so keen on the small handling of the G42. The G41 is not exactly a pocket piece, but it is still another positive addition to the Glock family.