Favorite Concealed Carry Caliber

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  1. TxShooter

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    What is your favorite caliber gun in general to conceal carry? Go big or stay home or does a .380 do just fine for you mentally to be carrying?
  2. BORIS

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    My all time favorite is 7.65Br. No matter what I do or where I go or what gun I got on me the trusty P32 is my backup in a pocket holster.

    Primary calibers are 45GAP or 9x19mm....

  3. G19C

    G19C New Member

    I like to carry the 27 for most outings. However, I do have an LCP .380 that I will take sometimes because I can carry it concealed easier (yes, I carry extra mags for it...)

    For me it all depends on what I am doing, where I am going. Since my wife packs also, sometimes I will take the 19 as she can fit the 27 in her purse easy.. And she is proficient with all of our firearms. But usually the 27 is the "go to" gun for most outings for me (especially in the winter when we can wear coats, sweaters, etc..)
  4. 10MM FAN

    10MM FAN New Member

    G29 is my EDC when I'm not wearing work clothes.
  5. Glock 38 or Glock 39 both 45gap

    Lately I've been toting a Glock 38 in a Ritchie Bodyguard Shoulder Rig or a Glock 39 in a Don Hume JIT Belt Slide Holster... either carry comfortably for the day :cool:
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  6. SxEdRuMmEr

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    9mm is cheap with which to practice, and I carry fully loaded with federal hydra-shock.

    Hydra-shock adds stopping power to a slug that is otherwise criticized for being too small.
  7. I prefer the .40S&W because the ammo is readily available nearly everywhere that sells ammo plus most firearm manufacturers offer guns in .40. The felt recoil is practically the same as a 9mm but you get a little more energy from the .40.
  8. DVCguns

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    G19L 15+1 9MM in the gun, 17 in spare mag.

    Handgun rounds are poor fight stoppers, might as well carry one that has twice the amount of pills to serve before reloading and allows the fastest & most accurate follow up shots.
  9. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    I certainly don't feel undergunned with 9mm GDHP. Nothing wrong with .40 or .45.

    .380 seems a little underpowered in penetration and expansion tests, but I'm plenty comfortable using it as a BUG.
  10. M22

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    I prefer 9mm or .40cal. I want something with accuracy, stopping power, and I want follow shots to be easy.
  11. youradouche

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    5.7 is what I generally carry.

    But just picked up a LCP I'll probably take on runs and nighttime walks.
  12. Kmurray96

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  13. Kmurray96

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    Great little gun. Take some time on the range with it. It's got a long trigger pull, but it stacks up nice like on old S&W revolver. Because of the short site radius, don't be discouraged by it's accuracy. It's a gun that will "work itself in" and as you get used to where to hold the front site on the target, you'll get a lot better accuracy.

    Tip, I used some of my daughters neon pink nail polish on the front site. Went out the next day for my dept requals and outshot most of the peeps on the off-duty. (NJDOC does not require off-duty carry, ergo, all off-duty weapons are privately owned and the ofc. must be qualified with his weapon to carry it.)

    My dept authorizes up to two off-duty weapons. I carry a G36 .45 in the winter and the LCP in the warmer weather. When I travel interstate, it's with the LCP.
  14. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I'd love it though, if ol' Uncle Gaston would come out with a single stack 9mm or .380 ;)

    LONEWOLF New Member


    I prefer 9mm because that's what I practice with and I am getting proficient in its use.... I used to have the philosophy to practice 9mm carry .40 but the .40 seems way different know so I just carry my G27 with a Lonewolf 40-9 barrel
  16. M22

    M22 Member

    Try a lower grain .40 like a 155 or even a 135. difference between that and a 147 9mm HP is very little.

    LONEWOLF New Member

    It would be nice to have a single stack
  18. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    G36 is your answer
  19. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    I think they're talking about a small-frame single-stack - 9mm/.40, etc.

    A Glock in an LC9/PF9-sized frame would be pretty slick.
  20. watergun

    watergun New Member

    Carry Gun and Ammo

    I carry a 638 Smith with .38 Special +P. I have several Glocks but the Smith is smaller and much lighter.