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  1. You know I love this show, I think it's hilarious but I'm getting a little tired of all the anti-gun crap Seth McFarland puts in there. Has anyone else ever noticed it? He makes no attempt to hide it.
  2. american lockpicker

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    haven't watched it in years but I remember them making fun of the NRA and Texas(something about getting a free handgun with every alcohol purchase...)

  3. Joe shot walked out of his house and randomly shot someone. He apologizes and the guy says something like no need to apologize son, it's your right as an american.

    Theres so much its just getting old.
  4. iGlock

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    He makes no attempt to hide sh!t in that show jst like southpark :)
  5. Blackridge

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    I think he was shooting at Mort, the jewish guy... no one has a problem with that?! :eek:
  6. MikeDeltaRomeo

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    American Dad seems to be pro-gun.
  7. iGlock

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    Yea true but i hate that show.
  8. american lockpicker

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    I agree........
  9. I hated it in the beginning, but have come to love it lol.
  10. american lockpicker

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    Its too conservative for my tastes.
  11. seth mcfarland is a tree hugging, bleeding heart, obama nutswinger. I refuse to watch that show no matter how funny it may or may not be.
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  13. skymedik

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    The show makes fun of everyone and everything..... Not going to ding them for occassionally picking on something I happen to like....
  14. iGlock

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    For me its not that, i jst cant get into like famliy guy. It jst loses my attention.
  15. I still watch it lol. I even laughed, but after it was done I thought you know, stupid people take that crap seriously.

    I don't like the ones when rodger isn't real involved. You get that cross dressing drunken drug abusing murderous alien bastard on there and its hilarious.
  16. iGlock

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    Yes they do. Its the politicaly correct people and the liberals that get anal about it lol.
  17. KeenansGarage

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    I agree. He makes it funny! Otherwise...I stick to southpark. Haven't watched even that in a while though....