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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by exegesis48, Jul 9, 2012.

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    I've had my Glock 23 for about a month now, and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it sometimes fails to feed, regardless of what type of ammo I put in it. Turns out I only had myself to blame! Someone noticed I was having problems at the range and they instructed me to lock my wrists. Just like that, no more feeding problems. I know it is a newbie mistake, but I just wanted to out this out there for anyone else who might be experiencing the same issue. The crazy part is that I am in Security Forces and routinely shoot my M9 Beretta with no problems using the same grip. I guess the increased recoil on the Glock .40 needs a but more resistance to cycle the next round. I only hope this helps someone else who might be losing hope on their Glock.
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    Welcome to the Forum and congrats on not limp wristing anymore ;)

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    Yea my girl friend had the same problem with my gun she was not holding it right and it jammed and all types of other things .
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    I had the same exact problem when I bought my .45. I had only shot 9mm but went ahead and just bought a glock 21. After being all hyped on how great glocks are a glock was the first gun I ever jammed up due to limp wristing but didn't get it at first. 9mm wasn't powerful enough to jam up so I didn't know I was doing anything wrong until stepping up in caliber. I was kinda pissed thinking my glock wasn't reliable but it was all my error. Since learning to lock the wrists I've not had a single failure to feed. Def a good thing to bring up for new shooters to consider. I had sort of brought up limp wristing before bc I was so shocked my military friend who carries a glock 23 quite often was jamming both my guns every other shot at the range and had the audacity to say it was my guns lol. I told him he needs to train with handguns cuz all his 23 will do is get him killed since he doesn't know how to use it. I honestly think he should just carry a .38 so he can limp it all he wants without jamming his gun because he was being real stubborn about it.
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    First time I shot a Glock I didn't hit paper and that was after qualifying in police academy with a double action auto. My buddy saw I was jerking the trigger. After learning the trigger everything was great. This and limp wristing cause a majority of Glock "issues".
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    Definitely, I was so pissed after I ran the first box of ammo through my Glock. Admitting that you were the problem is a huge step lol. Women say we have a problem with pride, but I'm not sure what they're talking about ;)