failed guide rod assistance requested

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ccwglock19, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. ccwglock19

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    So i was on round 565 outta 600 and my guide rod melted and shot out of my glock...but it finished off the rest of the 600... Bad, need a new guide rod and spring...Good.great excuse to bye the tungsten rod ;)
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    Gen 3? How old is the weapon? (test fire date). Did it really melt or did the spring just become uncaptured.

  3. ccwglock19

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    Gen 2. Made 93 it melted lol
  4. Was this 565 continuous rounds? Some sort of torture test?
  5. I too would like to know the answer to this.
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    ( inquiring minds want to know ) :confused:
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    Me three... :confused:
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    When someone says something like this why is it just a few sentences? Yes, DETAILS! EXCRUCIATING DETAILS!
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    I would also like details...
  10. rivalarrival

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  11. That one melted down towards the end of 1000 rounds. Also note that being Yeagers personal gun, no telling how many tens of thousands of rounds were fired previously through it.
  12. voyager4520

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    The newest single-piece factory guide rods supposedly have Zytel added to them to make them more heat resistant.
  13. Is that fact? Got a link with info?

    Just bustin' your balls because it's not like the word "supposedly" is ever in your vocabulary. You're normally spot on with good intel and evidence to back things up as I try to be.
  14. cvitter

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    Strangely enough I can't find a link with the info from Glock directly but it is true that Glock changed to Zytel after one of their competitors did that infamous 1000 round test to demonstrate how the old guide rod would melt (similar to the earlier video). The only direct evidence I can give you of the zytel is that my armorer's class was told this by our instructor... I don't have any of the older guide rods sitting around to compare against my Gen 4's.

    The big take away from this is that you can't get even the old guide rod to melt unless you are trying. A Glock will however melt in 450+ degree heat which is why I have a fire rated safe. :)
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  15. rivalarrival

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    1000 rounds at quick pace, but certainly not as fast as the Glock is capable of. We have no idea how fast ccwglock19 was firing, how many rounds ccwglock19's gun fired previously. We don't know how "hot" the loads were for either of them. We're not even sure that he was using a G19; could have been something hotter (G23, etc.) or something smaller (G26, etc.)

    All I'm saying is that if you put a ludicrous amount of ammunition through a Glock in a short period of time, it's quite possible for the guide rod to melt, fall out, but have the gun continue to function for quite some time.
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  16. I've had the tip of my guide rod break off...

    Called glock and they sent me a brand new with in a week
  17. Happysniper1

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    Pics of the melted guide rod would be most helpful to the audience of this thread.

  18. voyager4520

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    No it's just a rumor, but I personally think it's true because I have one of the older G23 guide rods that doesn't have a "1" on it, and I have a newer one that has the "1" on it. The newer one has a more "silvery" appearance to the plastic and the base hasn't worn as much from sitting on the barrel lug.

    Again supposedly, the compact model guide rods got the Zytel addition at the same time that a "1" was added to the base of the guide rod.

    I've never personally heard it from a Glock representative, but I've heard plenty of people say that when they took their Armorer's classes and asked this question, it was confirmed by the instructors.