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    So I haven't been very active over on Glocktalk.com for some time. I have been a member over there since 2006. I recently started frequenting the forum more often and I have been reminded. Reminded of what? Reminded of why I don't spend more time on there. Reading the responses to honest posts is like reading the comments on Yahoo!. The people over there that are commenting on simple innocent posts are rude, unhelpful, cynical, unintelligent, and mean.

    With that being said, I'm thankful for this forum and proud to be a vendor here and not there.
  2. series11

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    We are glad to have you here!!!

  3. havasu

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    We are also glad you are here and not there!
  4. LOL, I see you found a couple threads that I started up over there. Yep, I simply started a thread about how nice my G30 was and 3 or 4 of em' jumped on me like a pack of dogs on a bone.
    There was one thread where folks were ask how many rounds they put through their handguns before they felt comfortable with the reliability of them.
    I gave my answer, about 100 rounds of FMJ and a couple mags full of HP and then I got jumped on for my opinion even though there were quite a few others that held the same opinion.
    I don't even bother to go over there or to post there anymore. I can almost count on ANY thread I start over there getting hit by those same 3 or 4 folks who will pick it apart to find fault or if none is to be found to simply make a snide or rude remark.
    From here on out if I want to talk Glocks or anything else firearms oriented I'll post here and not on "The Other" Glock forum. :D
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    Glad your here and not there!! Nice to have a responsible , contributing, intelligent vendor and member. THANKS... Now $30.00 for a .... nevermind LOL:D

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Never stayed on another forum for more than a month... Been here since February. Love it here.
  7. hdwatki

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    I like it here too. I lurk on other Glock forums, but I post here.
  8. Zepaholic

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    Thats what I enjoy on here as well, people are really helpful & NOT condescending.
  9. G-23

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    So it's OK to come here an bash another site but don't get nasty to the people here, right? I don't get it.

    I too am a member there. I just don't read all the post, only what interest me. So, I should go bad mouth Glock Forum on GlockTalk.com?

    No I don't do that and think it unfair that it is allowed here. I'm sure we could invite some of the Boys there to come on over here? What do you say?:D

    Forgot to add: if ya don't like it there, like the porn sites, just don't visit them.
  10. rickjames

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    I typed in glock in the google play app "market" and this forum came up.
    never had any interest to look elsewhere.
  11. I guess you've not had to put up with some of the crap that I've had to deal with over at "The Other" Glock site. There's 3 or 4 guys that are just down right rude to me over there and the Mods do NOTHING about it even though I've e-mailed them and ask for help about the situation.
    It got to the point where I actually broke down and got a bit nasty with them which is something I don't like to do, I like to stay in control if at all possible.
    You don't believe me, do a search on my name(same there as it is here only with a dot between the TN and the Frank) and look at some of the snide, nasty, rude comments I've put up with over the last few months.
  12. havasu

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    G-23, we won't allow bashing at all, but we do appreciate our freedom of speech.
  13. bullies abound

    Bullies exist everywhere...Sad they feel compelled to act in such a fashion...
  14. Zepaholic

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    What to you might be a "stupid" question, to the new guy is a valid one.
    In my profession I see a lot of "snobs/rude people". I get new guys wanting to learn. When they come on my boat I teach them & answer ALL questions about running a boat. One day I might need that person to drive that boat back to the dock, so I want them to do a good job! JMO

    Thats my story & i'm sticking to it. :)
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  15. Argyle64

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    Whoa there little doggie!!! The last time I checked, this was America and I have the freedom to state my opinion about topics, companies, products, the interwebs, and pretty much anything else I please. Would you rather me make this observation and post it on a knitting forum? Or how about I post it on a cooking forum rather than on here where there is relevance to the subject matter? From time to time there are a couple of posts over there that I can actually provide advice to the subject. 98% of the time though people are just nasty, mean and/or ridiculous in their comments. I have noticed this to not be the case over here on this forum. If I offended you by observing and posting thereof, TOUGH. Suck it up and be a man and get over the butt hurt. If you don't like my posts then "just don't visit them".

    You can look at this two ways. One: I was applauding this forum and the conduct of its members while comparing the two different forums. Or two: I was bashing another forum and not drawing a comparison between the two (which I clearly did do) and just used my typing skills to belittle said forum. Option one is correct.

    "What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." - Principal Max Anderson
  16. rickjames

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    Hahahahaha. I love that movie.
  17. Argyle64

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    It's such a good movie.
  18. MikeMT

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    LOL....great movie!

    Fwiw, I like it better here than there as well. Thanks for your contributions Frank.

  19. glockjunkie

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    I dont see it as bashing, we are all entitled to our opnions and there was no one specific instance or person\s point out. Rather than noting the site as a whole needs better moderation. I am a moderator of a couple forums and the behavior is largely the fault of the moderator for allowing it. If one person does it, and it is okay then other people start doing it and then the sites fill with trolls. I have not seen that type of behavoir here, and I do not think it would be condoned. Monkey see, monkey do.
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  20. I was expecting a thread about one's appreciation for our civility to devolve into some ironic lack of civility. It seems it almost did. I cringe when reading on any forum or message board at some point. Without some elaborate test, anyone can join and be borderline psychotic until they cross the line and get booted out. I guess it is up to moderators to not let things get out of control. Some people just get off on busting people's chops.

    So much negativity going around. Mix that with bath salts and look out!