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Eye Protection...

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What does everyone here use for eye protection at the gun range...?!

I use these...Howard Leight Lightweight Genesis Uvex Shooting Glasses

Engineered to deliver unsurpassed comfort, protection & style. Cushioned "brow bumpers" absorb & diffuse impact. Nasal "soft fingers" conform to nose bridge.

Exceeds ANSI Z98 & CSA high-velocity impact tests & meets military V standard for impact protection. The amber tint helps to brighten
the view of the target and surrounding area, especially in low-light situations...
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I wear prescription glasses, with antifog, antiscratch and antiglare coatings, and outdoors I have magnetic polarizing clipons that also have antiscratch antiglare coatings.
I was wearing Bole until I scratched them, now wearing Revisions, I like the Bolle better.
I also own and use these...

SAWFLY Essential Kit .......$80

( owner of site is a disabled vet )


•High-impact protection certified to ANSI Z87.1 and Military Requirements
(MIL-V-43511C clause 3.5.10 and MIL-PRF-31013 clause
•Optically correct curved lens for unrestricted field-of-view.
•Interchangeable lenses for various light conditions and specialty lenses available.
•Polycarbonate lenses offer 100% protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.
•Two sizes with adjustable arms ensure perfect fit.
•Optional Prescription (Rx) Carrier available.
U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List.
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I use Oakley M-Frames with different lenses for different conditions.
These are the ones I use, Remington t 85-shooting safety glasses kit black frame clear smoke amber orange and copper lenses. I have 5 lens to change to depending on shooting conditions:
Just visited that site SG...very nice to have all those different lens !
Yes it is and at 20 bucks it was a steal in my opinion.
Anything with an Ansi Z rating is fine. I own a safety supply business and have several types of safety glasses that make GREAT shooting glasses, like the Uvex glasses above. I prefer the Pyramex Fastracs cause they're light, and cheap.
I use the same one as Shooter but made by Winchester.

Anything with an Ansi Z rating is fine. I own a safety supply business and have several types of safety glasses that make GREAT shooting glasses, like the Uvex glasses above. I prefer the Pyramex Fastracs cause they're light, and cheap.

Ever consider Vendor status here...?

You should...

(could sell these glasses to start.)

Take a close look at Fastrac! Who isn't on the fastrac these days?
When folks need the job done at a reasonable price, this safety glass fit's the bill!

[FONT=MS Sans Serif, Geneva, Helvetica]
  • Trendy..
  • Available in gray or clear.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1..
  • Filters 99.9% of dangerous UV rays..
  • 100% polycarbonate...
  • Lightweight...
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I just got the Smith Aegis system, 2 lens, clear & grey. I've got some other various cheapies laying around as well, in yellow and clear. Always good to have spares, in case something breaks or I'm taking someone new along.

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Does anybody know of eye protection that goes over glasses?
Great question, that I have a few opinions on as an optometrist. Whether Rx or non-Rx, eye protection is really important, not just for protection! As we "get more experienced at life" (older), our ability to keep the entire sight picture in focus goes away. I frequently have patients bring their handguns into the office so that we can adjust/optimize their shooting Rx to give them the best combination of sight focus (the most important part and not where you want to compromise) and target focus. I will often need to change the dominant eye's Rx by 0.50-1.00 diopters (the unit we measure lens strength in) to get the best mix of distance and sight focus.

This is really only an issue for shooters 50 and older, although some younger shooters will have the same issue.

When it comes to lenses, polycarbonate in the color of your choice (there's no one "best" color) with an anti-reflective coating which not only reduces glare and enhances focus (visual and mental) but also makes the lenses more scratch resistant and less likely to fog if you use one of the Crizal coatings that you hear advertised, is the best lens combination.

I just ordered myself a pair of Rx shooting glasses, looking forward to getting them. They will be "transitions" lenses that will be clear indoors and grey outdoors in the sun.

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I use ESS Crossbow. It's made by Oakley. Widely used by military and law enforcement. Very light and fits very well.
I have Wiley X blinks. They come with a removable gasket seal. I also have outfitted my regular eyeglasses with the same ANSI rates material. Gunna get some transitions for the Wiley X's though.
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