For years and years shooters who reload their own bullets relied on a brass casing cleaner/polisher known as a vibratory case cleaner. Basically it is an enclosed bowl shaped container that you place your dirty fired brass casings into along with some cleaning and polishing media where the bowl sits on top of an electric motor arrangement causing the contents to vibrate, thus cleaning and polishing the brass to be used for reloading.

In most cases this process causes dusty and dirty conditions when removing the brass from the media plus the media must be discarded after a certain number of cleaning cycles. Most of the vibratory machines are noisy and can take several hours to complete the cleaning/polishing process not to mention the expense of replacing the cleaning media and polish.

In another arena, precious stone and rock collectors use a device known as rock tumblers. Rock tumblers are basically a barrel type drum which rotates round and round sitting on top of a device which is powered by an electric motor where a horizontal driveshaft spins and causes the drum to spin over and over thus when adding water and over a period of time the rocks tumble together and are smoothed and polished.

Now comes a new breed of brass casing cleaner/polishers.

Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 rotary wet tumbler cleans and polishes your brass casings by only using water and two ingredients. No longer do you use the dusty walnut shells media and polish. You use stainless tumbling media which are very tiny stainless steel pins. You never have to discard the pins, they don't wear out and you use them over and over and over.


The Extreme Tumbler Rebel 17 comes in a large double boxed well organized package. I ordered the stainless steel reloading "kit" which included 5 pounds of STM stainless steel pins and a large container of Lemishine. The 1/30th hp fan cooled motor drops in very easily into a cradle, slip the one piece drive belt on the motor and drive axle and that's it. Open up the 17 pound capacity rubber lined powder coated drum and dump in 5 pounds of the stainless pins, a gallon of cold water, two table spoons of Dawn and quarter teaspoon of Lemishine, about 700 9mm cases, tighten the six plastic tightening nuts and turn the switch on. Very little noise and no mess.

I ran the tumbler for 3 hours and the results were amazing. Both the inside and outside of the casings were beautifully polished. After a good rinse I placed them in used 5 tier food dehydrator I purchased for $20.00 and ran the dehydrator for about 2 hours producing a completely spotless end product. Having used the vibratory brass cleaner/polishers for years I would never go back. This is the future of brass casing polishing. I cleaned and polished nearly 2000 9mm casings in one afternoon and evening. Look at the results.