Here at Glock Forums we watch Glock torture tests so you don't have to. A Glock is a thing of simple and reliable beauty but for years people have ran epic tests to see if they could get it to fail. They have been buried in paste, slathered with mud, frozen in blocks of ice, drug behind pickup trucks, shot, stabbed and blown up-- but Glocks seem to always come out pretty much ok. Here are our top three tests.

The 150K Mud/Powder Bath


Legend in the Glock test lore is the one performed by the Prepared Gear Review. Over the course of ten years they fired 150,000 rounds through a factory 2nd Gen Glock 21, going as much as 15,000 rounds between cleanings. The tester buried the .45 in play sand, mud, and potting soil, left it outside in an old wool sock for two weeks in the rain, dropped it from a low-flying airplane, drug it down the road and even shot it with a .22LR. In the end, while it looked gnarly and the non-Tenifer parts developed surface rust, it still worked.

That's a lot of rounds


The sheer fact that the gun still fired after 150K rounds of hard recoiling 45 by itself is remarkable. Chuck Taylor's personal 1988 Glock 17 has fired twice that. When you consider that the military puts a 5000-round life span on mil-spec Beretta M9 (92F) handguns (the expected failure point of the locking block), you get an idea of how impressive this is.

The Russian treatment

One of the more destructive test videos available for your viewing horror is the one by FPS Russia. FPS is a tongue-in-cheek gun aficionado who does a "wary good" Russian accent. (For those who don't know, in Russian FPS is the initials for the organization Federalnaya Sluzhba Okhrany that replaced the KGB .) Normally a 1911 guy, FPS has a baffling test where he takes a G21, freezes it in ice for a week, shoots it out of the ice with his 1911, uses said G21 to hammer in some large (6-penny?) nails, cooks it in his wood stove, then blows it up with a one-pound charge of explosives. The result: the frame is toast but the slide and barrel assembly are still usable-- but carry a number of bullet strikes.

The Tenifer Cook

While most have heard of the Frugal Gourmet, or Iron Chef, the concept of a cook whose specialty is centered on his Glock is relatively unknown. Youtuber Matt2099 has an enough episodes of oddball kitchen specials to try out for the Food Network. He has cooked his G17 in eggs, filled it with banana pudding, coated it in maple syrup, and even set it in a red Jell-O mold.


(Red jello shot)

The conclusion to all this? The point? You just cannot beat a Glock-- even with Jell-O.

And remember kids, don't try this at home.