Extended magazine??

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  1. I know you can get an extended mag for Glocks. I currently have a G 19 and am interested in getting the 33 round extended mag for it. I know its not very practical, but my question is..is it worth it just for some extra fun?? Thanks in advance..
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    I have a 30 round mag for my g30. It's really not practical and definitely not fun to load but it does add that *** factor. Kinda fun to see and hear what people do.

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  3. Kinda just for the "wow" factor..it just might be worth it.
  4. Heck yes verry nice for when your at the range or when the Zombie's come...
  5. Devinh2

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    I just picked up 5 of them for a hundred bucks. I have one for each of the 9's I own. :)
    My thought is, why not??
  6. iGlock

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    Got a 29 round mag for my g30, i say its worth it. Especially for them zombies :D

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  7. bhale187

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    I've got the extended mags for my G22. I use the Scherer 29rd mags because I got them before Glock came out with factory 22rd mags, and the scherers work great.

    They are fun to shoot at the range, not much fun to load, but an Uplula takes away that problem. I'd say they do not have much practical application, but I do wear them as backups in my raid vest in case my long gun goes down and I need to transition to the glock as a primary weapon.
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    If you're going to compete in USPSA Limited Division, the extended mags are a huge advantage (so long as they meet the length regulation).
  9. bringtheheat

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    Zevtech offers a plus 6 for the 40s&w/.357 sig that will work as a plus 8 for 9mm
  10. kodiak

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    Got one just to have...don't use it
  11. I always enjoyed running through my 33rd'er on my old 9...

    Practical??? who cares... isnt fun practical?
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    I don't personally see the use. I'm not much into shock factor, and I wouldn't ever use it in training. This is my opinion only, but I personally wouldn't spend money or time on an item I'm not gonna use or really train with. Everything I buy, I use, and train with in as many different scenario's as possible. I want to make sure I am efficient as can be with any bit of gear I buy.
  13. Thanks for all the advice and tips. I do want one just to take to the range with me. Just to experience it, not saying I would always use it. But for 40 bucks how could you go wrong?? May not be practical but im sure it would be fun!
  14. I have four 31 round mags for my G22C that I use for target shooting at the range. More shooting and less reloading is fun. For training I stick to the factory 15 round mags. I've been using my Glock 22 round mag a little in training, but I only have one right now.
  15. Just picked her up today..


  16. Lol awesome welcome to the club!
  17. Yeah cant wait to test it at the range
  18. i hate the "gun nut" look they have, but it's nice at the range two of them saves you from loading four mags
  19. Yeah it does look outrageous..but why not haha
  20. plus now there is that whole Giffords stigma