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  1. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    Hi there,
    Just got a new G19, wanting to put an extended mag release. How does the Extended Glock Factory Mag Release compare to the other brands. Price wise it seems awesome for a factory part.
  2. Augi

    Augi New Member

    (This is solely my experience. Other opinions may vary.)
    I put one on my 17. I did not like it. I shot 150 rounds with it installed and quit shooting in my first, and only session. (for reference I usually shoot 300 per session.) It was rubbing the pad of my thumb on my off hand. I really did not have an issue with the stock release. I thought the Glock release was a good value and overall, a good upgrade. For me, it didn't work out so well.

  3. I like mine but there is a company that makes a more rounded entended bit... Im sure someone will toss it up here for ya.
  4. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Vickers extended controls available at Nettac.com or Tangodown.com. More expensive than OEM controls.
  5. jonm61

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    I saw no need for them in the 9/40 frames, but I like them in the 10mm/45 frames. Probably because there's more real estate to cross to get to it. I've never had a problem with them. One of my .45 GAPs came with it and I liked it, so I had it put in the other, even though that's the 9/40 frame, for consistency, so I would imagine you'd be fine with it.
  6. GrubKiller

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    I run the Vickers Mag Catch on all my Glocks.
  7. Ogre

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    I have an extended lone wolf release on my 17. I spent about 5 minutes rounding it off and removing the texture. I am enjoying it so far. I have larger hands and so the pad of my thumb extends further out and now actuating the mag release is a split second faster without having to bend my thumb in to press it.
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  8. Another vote for Vickers tactical extended mag release have one on my 31 love it!! It's already nice and rounded on the sides.

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  9. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    I'll stick with the $5 I spent on the Glock factory extended mag release and take the 5 minutes to sand the edges.
  10. Did you end up ordering it from Casey?
  11. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    No, I didn't see your reply until after I bought it. I found it on Amazon. About the same price, give or take a few cents.
  12. Pretty good deal, it used to be he was the only one that cheap
  13. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    Heck yeah, might buy a few of them later and give em out to friends with Glocks.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I have an OEM glock extended magazine release. Didn't change a single thing about it, love it as is. I also got the extended slide stop lever, great addition as well.
  15. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    No plans for that on my 26 because its my edc
  16. vanniek71

    vanniek71 New Member

    I just got the factory slide and mag releases. Left the mag release as is for now, but can see that I likely will round the edges with some sandpaper in the future.
  17. 1000 grit, wet, light pressure ;)
  18. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    I used a nail file on mine, worked great!
  19. ya know, never thought of that. good idea!