Extended barrel & compensator, G20 10mm

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by hiwaycruzer, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. hiwaycruzer

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    Hello fellow Glock enthusiasts!
    Would appreciate some advice from someone familiar with my current setup.
    I recently purchased a G20 and added an Alpha Wolf 6.61", fluted and threaded extended barrel. My goal was(is) to increase accuracy and muzzle velocity. I plan to shoot some hot Underwood ammo and heard that a stiffer recoil spring is needed. I'd also like to install a compensator/muzzle-brake. My question is this: will the stiffer recoil spring be needed if a recoil-reducing muzzle brake is installed? Does anyone have any experience with a G20/extended barrel/muzzle brake combination?

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  2. Silver-Bolt

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    A compensator and muzzle brake are two different animals. Which do you plan to use? The design of the comp/brake will also make a difference.

  3. wildbill45

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    What is your intended use for this firearm? Night defense may be an issue with some brakes.
  4. hiwaycruzer

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    Lone Wolf Compensator

    It's a muzzle brake, but Lone Wolf calls it a "compensator", model LWD-COMP10. Here's a link to the description:
  5. lonestarman

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    It's a combination break/comp