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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by pinklady00, May 14, 2012.

  1. pinklady00

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    Was on another forum and someone posted something about Glocks only being able to use FMJ/JHP rounds because of lead buildup? I'd like some input on this.
  2. brutusvk

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    This has been discussed many times. It is not FMJ only. With a Glock barrel you need a jacketed projectile since glock barrels do not utilize traditional land and groove rifling. Hollow points are fine in Glock barrels. (as they are used in every LEO weapon)

    I have shot lead through my glocks but they have aftermarket barrels. I also make sure they are clean all the time.
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  3. Danzig

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    Lead builds up on polygonal rifling. I think it depends on the amount of antimony in the lead(hardness). I had an issue in an Uzi which has the same rifling as the Glock. There are videos of guys shooting lots of lead through their Glocks. I think it would be better to be safe than sorry and I would run jacketed rounds.
  4. Argyle64

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    Exactly what the two previous posters mentioned.
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    And since lead bullets are cheaper, and therefore bare lead ammo is cheaper, than regular jacketted (FMJ/TMJ/BEB/JHP) bullets and ammo, many shooters prefer lead ammo for cost for range sessions.

    A way around this is to purchase an aftermarket barrel (such as a Lone Wolf, KKM, or any of the others) that have the traditional grooves and landings, and have no issues with lead ammo (but still need periodic cleaning). In fact, a larger caliber Glock (say a .40S&W) can be equipped with a barrel conversion to 9mm, providing the flexibility of shooting cheaper 9mm ammo, shooting lead ammo, shooting lead 9mm ammo, while still maintaining the ability to shoot .40S&W ammo.

    No gunsmithing required, too!