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  1. ChromeDome

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    Whether it's a self portrait or your favorite Glock, some are pretty self-explanitory, others are just flat out odd. What is the reasoning behind what you decided to use for your avatar... After I first shaved my head, I got the usual teasing from friends that would be expected after such a radical change in hair style. Baldy, Mr. Clean, Q-Ball were pretty common. But when someone called me "Sir Lancelot", I had to ask "Huh?" He said, "Your head is so shiney!" So, I was looking at helmets that knights wore with a suit of armor. They just didn't look right without the whole suit and all. Then I stumbled upon this crazy, mean lookin' Spartan type helmet. No suit. Just a headfull of metal. Perfect...my avatar.
  2. mcz0804a

    mcz0804a Don't Call Me Sir!!! I Work For A Living

    My son putting a bracelet on mommy I made. I'm an AF cop and am stationed 1200 miles from them. So on post I made them the three bracelets you see. My son has always played with the Thin Blue Line 550 cord bracelet I wear since the day he was born, he loves them.
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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Me, shooting my Glock 22… two weeks out of the hospital, I have put on weight since then.
  4. glocknloaded

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    Amazing idea for a thread!!!

    Mine is just simple it's me....

    The Avatar before this one was of my first AR build.
  5. ChromeDome

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    Happy Father's Day, mcz!;)
  6. MC_Hatley

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    Mines an early version of the Oklahoma state flag. No deep meaning, just proud to be an Okie.
  7. mcz0804a

    mcz0804a Don't Call Me Sir!!! I Work For A Living

    Thank you.
  8. Just me wasting some ammo with my AR in a kansas cornfield. Its not redneck at all. haha
  9. runman

    runman New Member

    I spend a lot of time running long distances so it is just a picture I found online. A running man on the inside. My screen name I came up with years ago. Started with the movie title "The Running Man" but shortened it a bit. Sort of like postman, policeman, Batman, so it became runman. Cool idea for a thread.
  10. ash1012

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    My avatar is me shooting the El Presidente stage at my first USPSA classifier. I was introduced to guns at an early age for hunting. Over the past year I really got into guns for competition.
  11. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    I had my bow broken down to put a sling hook, and a fall away rest on it. Before I cranked the draw weight back up, I decided to try out some Gold Tip Entrada 600 arrows with feathered vanes, I was about 60 yards out & just wanted to see how the would fly. They do okay at 55# but they work better with my 45# recurves. I just put it up for an Avatar for something different.
  12. G-23

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    Retired Navy First Class Salvage Diver. Blown up picture of our dress uniform insigna. Enjoyed the job.
  13. My wife and I on our first trip to the GunsiteAcademy, taken shortly after my retirement from the USAF. We had an awesome experience.
  14. G17XJ_BS

    G17XJ_BS New Member

    Just my jeep crawling up the alignment rack at work!!
  15. BocaDan

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    Mine is my 3 year old gray cat. His name is "Duman" which means smoke/fog in Turkish.
  16. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Self Explainatory! You will succumb, sooner or later!!! Come to the Darkside and fight! Really, kind of a where I been, glad i'm not there personal thing.,
  17. wrpNYFL

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    Mine is the Gadsden flag. It was one of the first Marine banners during the American Revolution. There is a wonderful history of it at the following web site:
  18. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Mine is one of my many many many many many dream cars. I love the 'Green with Envy' they put out on the SRT Dodges back in 2011. (I think it was a special color for that year.)

    This is a picture of the Dodge Challenger Targa race car, and I just think it is cool!

    I keep my avatar the same on all forums I visit. One day, I will change it to another car/truck/hotrod that I actually own.
    PS I did not take that picture nor own the car, but it is cool isn't it?!! :D
  19. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Very COOL!! I want one!
  20. Hollen

    Hollen New Member

    My g23 and my recon 1 two things that are always on me. Except at work! Well the recon 1 is still on me at work. G23 is in the car.