Daily carry is a huge responsibility and the ultimate expression of adulthood. It is saying that you refuse to be a victim. Refuse to be a sheep in a world of wolves. Today we have a forum member's personal EDC Glock highlighted to give you a window what some of our members trust their lives to each day. Jason carries, among others, a Glock 30.

For those of you unfamiliar with that particular member of the Austrian polymer family tree, the G30 is Glock's powerhouse subcompact .45ACP. Introduced in 1997 during the Federal Assault Weapon's Ban in an effort to keep viable personal defense guns in the hands of true Americans, the G30 is in the same class as the G26 and G27 "Baby Glocks" only it is the king of that class. After all, a 10+1 shot .45ACP that will still fit in the palm of your hand is a beautiful thing.--Editors


I carry a Glock 30 Gen 2.5. I got it in a trade with a friend who I met when he contacted me to stipple it and a few other of his guns. It was in basic factory condition minus some holster wear and the Trijicon HD night sights.

When I got it I removed the finger grooves, added a Grip Force Adapter, heated and molded the back strap, trigger guard undercut, mag release scallop, and added more stippling my as far as the frame goes.


Now as far as the slide, I cut the boxy corners off the more like my version of a Salient Arms style as well as I plan on installing a Trijicon RMR, forward cocking serrations on the sides and top, and suppressor sights.


Now like a lot of people now days I like to run a light such as the Surefire X300 Ultra. And as many Glock owners know that the Gen 2.5 pistols don't have accessory rail so I took some JB Weld and a plastic Picatinny rail and shaped and molded a factory style rail.


Now I have an awesome Glock 30 Gen 2.5.