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  1. I was talking to some one about guns ealier. Since my Glock purchase and shooting mine I love me some Glock.:D But before my G23 I use to do reading about them lurking around this sight and just asking questions. I knew that Glocks where good guns my brother has owned a couple and I knew some people that owned a few. So when someone ask me about guns I use to suggest to certain people a Glock hand gun.

    Have you noticed that people that seem to be anti Glock, most of them have never even shot one or have some of the dumbest reasons for not wanting one. I mean you should have heard some of the stupid **** ive heard over the years.

    1. I need a gun with a safety
    2. Glocks are ugly
    3. They feel funny.

    Just some of the stuff I have heard
  2. brutusvk

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    A. They have a safety. (on the trigger)
    B. They are ugly compared to a 1911 IMO.
    C. They do feel funny when you are used to something else. :)
    D. If other people don't like them, they shouldn't buy one.
    E. My glock goes bang EVERY time I pull the trigger. I trust my life with it. My oldest Glock has way over 8,000 rds through it (I quit counting after that) and it has not had a failure. I love that little pistol. So much I let my wife carry it cuz it will go bang everytime. (Glock 23)

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    Once u go Glock, u never go back:) My first weapon was an XD, but then I shot a G19 and I was SOLD. Now I've owned a G19, G22, G26, and a G17.
  4. I think once these people have made it up in their mind that Glocks aren't this or that. It is next to impossible to change their minds. I don't bother. I love my Glock

  5. Exactly man, people are just ignorant and dont know what they dont know, but people who think theyre ugly just dont like how they look, they can have their opinions, but safety garbage is bs lol and the feeling funny, most people never shot one before soooooo yeah
  6. When people call the gun ugly I just stand there and look at them. Cause I really don't see what they see. Ive always said that. Glock are far from ugly I don't like the way certain frame XD's look. But looks are opinions so I really to pay attention to that.
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    No denying the fact, a significant number of people hate Glocks without ever having fired one before. Generally of the "1911 is a real pistol, everything else is garbage" clan.

    What I find amazing is how their self-perpetuating denigration of the Glock is fed by their utter ignorance of the Glock, and every point they use to villify the Glock is a point they use to underscore how much better "their" pistol is. Amazing.
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    I must say, that everyone is GLOCK this GLOCK that, and it turned me off over the years. A lot of LEO's use GLOCK, a lot of gangsters use GLOCK so it's a word that is used often in various forms probably more than Sig Sauer or Ruger as poor examples. Glock is the Buzz word. I hear it in conversations too. "Oh my brother/son/friend has a GLOCK" like I'm supposed to see stars or something, maybe drool?"

    I'm here to learn about the GLOCK fascination, being a owner of one not by choice per say. Got one in a trade deal of unrelated shooting items. Nice gun, shoots well, but myself I haven't found the "Fascination" of it yet. I've had great success with most pitols I've owned and I don't really seem to have a preference of one over the other yet. A friend has shot my glock, and it feels odd to him compared to what he's currently shooting and has owned in the past. (XDM and 1911)

    Maybe I'm not picky enough or educated enough yet on GLOCK to know what I'm missing? Reliable, yes, accurate, yes, priced right, yes.
  9. +1!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So it's not the prettiest gun out there... I've had my Glock 19 for about 6 months now. I run about 200 rounds a week through it and I have never had a failure. I hear the same junk all the time and get the same garbage answers as to why. I let the dependability and accuracy do the talking.
  11. You would have to talk to some of the real Glock vets on here. Nothing wrong with other guns cause I like a lot of other guns. But I love my Glock. Things that I like about my Glock

    1. Accurate
    2. Feels Good
    3. Easy Take Down
    4. Low Maintenance
    5. Damn Good Track Record
    6. Good Customer Service
    7. Just Looks Good. :D
  12. iGlock

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    Ive also heard of people saying, "oh rappers use those guns"...lol. One of the stupidest things i ever heard.

    Thats why i send people this pic, because of ignorce.

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    I gotta admit, I was a "Glock Hater" when I first got into firearms. I was a 1911 guy.
    Now all my handguns are Glocks :)
  14. Happysniper1

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    I would imagine, and this is just me, that no single handgun is the be-all and end-all of handgunning, simply because any given handgun will fit and not fit any given hand and work or not work with any given shooting style.

    I think the point of the OP was the anti-Glocks who sneer at Glocks in general and whisper behind hand-over-mouth at Glock owners in particular, all in an attempt to justify their choice in a non-Glock firearm. Myths will be created and perpetuated, rumors will be spread among otherwise level-headed people, and all of it is nothing more than non-Glock owners trying to justify and defend their own choice in having bought something other than a Glock.

    The 1911 fanboy club will say their pistols are better, but time and time again it has been shown that out the box, a Glock will function perfectly while a 1911 would be prone to suffer malfunctions (NOTE: I did not say "will suffer malfunctions"). The fanboys need to realize that they have thrown enough dollars into customizing their 1911s to the point that (in their minds) it would outperform a Glock, an amount of money possibly equivalent to at least one more gun purchase, whereas the Glock will work and continue to work flawlessly in stock configuration.

    Is there a more accurate, stock, consumer handgun out there that isn't a Glock? Probably. But if there is, I do not know what it is. But then again, I am not an expert.

    Is there a more "fits-like-a-glove" handgun out there that isn't a Glock? Certainly. Heck, OJ will tell you, not all hands will fit in any given glove! A gun must fit the hand that wields it, or the shooter can never be accurate with it.

    As mentioned by others, there are other aspects of the Glock design that offer advantages over other designs of handguns, but remember that whatever aspect is important to one shooter (or one class of shooters) may not be an aspect of primary concern to another shooter (or class of shooter).

    A handgun that will help the shooter deliver an accurate hit under high stress is all that matters. Everything else is personal preference. The Anti-Glocks have never realized this.
  15. iGlock

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    Lol sure were...
  16. G-23

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    Actually, they have three safties:

    1. TRIGGER safety
    2. FIRING PIN safety
    3. DROP safety

    I'm just saying....
  17. brutusvk

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    I am aware of the safeties, I was speaking of a visable one that you can point to.
  18. jbeaver

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    How about the one you are pointing with. :)
  19. Levelcross

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    These are the same people that do not deserve a Glock, there is no cure for ignorance if the offender is not willing to listen to reason. Let it roll off your back knowing the truth or at least being open minded enough to listen without being biased.

    If they need extra safeties, trigger finger removal is still an option.
  20. Bonz23

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    Glocks are like the New York Yankees of firearms! Lolol