Essential's TOOL kit: What do I need?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Matthew780, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Matthew780

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    I searched this forum and did not find this specifically:

    I'm going to put a small tool bag together and wondered what you all think are the "essentials". My focus will be mainly on a Glock, but I have a tactical shotgun and a few revolvers. What have you all found to be essential and "handy" on the bench?

    Thanks in advance, Guys...
  2. RRoss

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    For the Glock (I'm not familiar with your other guns) all you'll need is a 3 drift punch set (Home Depot $9) some rags, Alchohol (Isoprop. 97%), q tips, and your choice of oil/ lube such as Ballistol. I also use the bore brush that comes with the Glock...on occasion ;)
    This is all I've ever needed.
    Also check out Hickok45's videos on cleaning Glocks

  3. cvitter

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    For my Glocks the only tools that I use are:

    - Standard Glock punch tool
    - Small flat head screw driver

    The screw driver comes in handy to pop out the locking block, magazine release spring, and slide lock spring.

    For cleaning I use one of the Kleenbore pocket kit handles to push a brass brush and patches through. The plastic handle that comes with your Glock is ok for the most part. Length wise it is really too short for the longer barreled guns like the G34, 35, etc.

    The only other gun I have in my collection is a Baikal MP161K 22LR rifle and I have a ratcheting bit driver for that and a bore snake.
  4. KeenansGarage

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    My entire Glock was completely stripped with these two tools. Anything else will probably require sending it to Glock or a larger knowledge than I have (ex. full out custom work).

    Glocks are so simple, they just work! KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) :D

    Disclaimer: I am in no way calling anyone here stupid. :)
  5. Lovethyglock

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    Get a bore snake. They work great and last forever.
  6. G-23

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    For the Glocks like Cvitter said, a small flat bladed screwdriver and a Glock Tool for beginners. To remove or adjust sights you're going ti have to have a rear sight tool and a front sight tool for several different sights possibly. I don't know what you have for sights.

    Long guns are going to require different tools that I won't get into because I don't know your level of experience with those.

    Glock pistols by design, are simple critters and for the most part, it is a Remove/Replace firearm without any need to machine/reshape anything. That is why we have so many do-it-yourselfers....
  7. Matthew780

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    Roger THAT, G-23. I appreciate ALL the info everyone's given. Glad to know it doesn't take much in "essentials" when it comes to Glocks... ONE of the reasons I got into them.

    Thanks Guys!
  8. unit44justin

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    I am by no means a trained gunsmith, but I have detail stripped every firearm I have besides my dads LCP which looks like a pita. For other firearms make sure you have a screwdriver set with nice bits. I have one of these Wheeler screw driver and the metal used for the bits is cheap and will bend and twist. Also get a decent quality roll pin punch set and either a brass hammer or I use a plastic tip hammer like this Plastic tip hammer. Look for a set that will be able to knock out the smallest roll pin in any of your firearms.

    As stated before Glocks are easy to detail strip, which is why I do it every time I clean my Glocks. My other firearms are not so simple in order from easy to not so easy to detail strip I have my G22 & G23, Sig P238, Sig P6, Ruger P85 (Dad's), Sig Mosquito. For my AR I don't have all the specialty tools, but when I clean that I do get pretty detailed cleaning around the gas tube under the hand guard and every couple range visits I will take out the trigger and hammer assembly and clean that area as well.
  9. Matthew780

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    Danged good and useful info. I'll add that to my bag of essentials. Thanks Pal.
  10. unit44justin

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    Anytime, I also forgot to mention that I keep a Streamlight microstream and a small needle nose in the gun tool box. I also keep handy a small section of 2x4 that has a hole drilled in it. This allows me to place the roll pin over the hole and punch it out easily.

    I mainly us the needle nose for holding small pieces as I heat them up for the application of frog lube. Flash light for looking into firing pin channel to see if there is any crap I missed. The microstream better than the streamlight stylus because you can hold it in your mouth easier as you use both hands.......(that's what she said :D)
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  11. Matthew780

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OhhhhhhHHH! HAHAHAHAHA! Ok! I'll make note of all this, lol!