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    I have seen the pictures of the Statue of Liberty Glock, and the one that has gold inlays everywhere... I guess they serve their place by showing what is possible when something is taken to the extreme...but obviously not for any other purpose than a showpiece item...

    Does anyone out there have pictures of some subtle (or not so subtle) custom engraving they have had done to their Glock(s)?

    I have been to the Lone Wolf website to checkout the services they offer, but my interest is more towards the personal design or meaningful engraving...

    Much like tattoos, I expect some people to love engraving work, while others are left simply wondering why someone would permanently alter a perfectly blank canvas...

    I have been playing around with MS Paint just to see what a mock up of various designs would look like on a couple baby Glocks... I tend to like designs that do not have any scroll work, instead, an almost industrial geometric design pattern that seems to complement the "squared off" look of a Glock...

    Thoughts? Pictures??

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    I'm a tattoo guy. So, I totally agree with you on that comparison. I tend to think about mods on a Glock as a way to personalise your weapon. Just like tattoos are a way to express yourself, mods fill the same roll. I do however feel that making a concealed carry gun "prettier" is kind of pointless. That's like getting some really awesome ink that nobody else will ever see. A trigger job, night sights, lights, lasers, grips, extended mags, etc. in my opinion, are changes made to make the practicality of a weapon more suited to the user. Having said all that, I can really appreciate a cool tattoo, especially when there is actually a story with some meaning behind it. So, I can definately understand why someone would be inclined to have some engraving done, even if it's just for them to enjoy. I say, go ahead and carve it up. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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    I couldn't possibly do any engraving myself that would look like anything but junk. The only engraved firearm I have is the one below, engraving done in Austria before being shipped over.

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    Although I have 2 tattoos and have wanted another on and off, I don't imagine I would have any of my guns engraved. I have a tendency to tire of and sell off guns, so outside of night sights, I tend to leave them stock. The one exception will my my 10mm 1911 project. I don't think it'll be getting engraved either, but it's going to have some minor customization, mostly little things like stainless pins and it will ultimately be getting a Cerakote finish.
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    I can certainly appreciate the work of a great tattoo artist - not only the final artwork, but the placement for the design and the meaning of it for the person sporting it... I myself have never gotten one, always thought about it...but never found one, or designed one, that had enough meaning to have it permanently etched into my flesh...

    Some of the best ink I have seen has been on the most unassuming people, and located in a concealed area - either for personal or professional reasons.

    Concealed pieces getting engraved seems like the same thing...

    I probably would end up decking out my concealed piece... Why have all the engraving done to one I keep in a dark safe somewhere...

    Like a tattoo, what would be the point of having one, if you couldn't show someone the work that was done whenever and wherever the subject came up...?

    Plus, I would rather play around with having various designs engraved onto my firearms than my own skin. The firearm components can always be replaced... :)

    Another pic of MS Paint fun...

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    I have always wanted an engraved firearm...

    and I feel my Glock 30SF would be a good candidate for this:

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    Yeah, both of my tattoos are easily concealed. I did that because of uniform regulations; no visible tattoos allowed. Unless, of course, you had them before hand, which is stupid, but such is life. Not hiring someone with visible tattoos would be discrimination after all. I don't have anything against visibile tattoos or those that have them; I just think there are certain professions, especially where uniforms are involved, where they should remain covered.

    Shooter, I think that's an excellent choice. I've always liked engraving like that on service guns; I've seen many departments that have their badge or patch engraved on them and that logo would be a very similar look. I would buy an engraved gun that had something I liked on it, but I don't think I'd engrave one of my stock guns.