end of the world! (or so the gun shop says)

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    I visited my local gun shop today to browse, as I do on most days when I'm broke. I asked the shop owner how much it would run me to order the Glock 32 gen4 that a few of you know I am interested in. He looks online, and not only can he not find a G32, but the company he usually orders from has now declared a six month back order on ALL firearms. This is what was said word for word on the website,

    "We at (name of distributor) take great pride in our ability to ship quality firearms at reasonable prices, and especially in our ability to send them to the customer within a week anywhere in the country. Unfortunately, due to the end of the Mayan Calender later this year, our distribution requests have jumped over 700% in the last 90 days. This has caused our output to be stressed greatly, and has caused us to slow in our orders. Please work with our company, as we are 100% American and offer the best deals on fine firearms. If you have any other questions or comments, please email our customer service team, and they will respond promptly. Thank you, and happy shooting!"

    ...Really? I mean, I'm just blown away by this. Feel free to leave your input on the situation as always.
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  2. SHOOTER13

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    Doomsday Preppers are buying up all the Glocks...!!

    Good choice.

  3. Ghost23

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    That's what I said! But he said the only guns they had in stock were a few Taurus and a bunch of Hi-Point firearms. That just blew my mind though man. Six month back order!? Good God.
  4. ckuenzer331

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    Great.... Now the AR prices are going back up again.... Wonderful....
  5. Ghost23

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    He had a few Sig Sauer AR's in stock, but we all know how much those run. I was afraid to ask about the ones on the site.
  6. Happysniper1

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    Glocks and ARs still in stock at all three of the main LGS here in town:
    Sportsman's Warehouse.

    I know, I was in each of them this morning ;)
  7. Ghost23

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    Haha good stuff. Do they have the G32 gen4? :)
  8. Flairsr

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    Was at my local range/gun store yesterday and overheard the same thing... Owner said he couldn't even get on a waiting list for AR's he's carrying. The shelves look soooo sad in there...
  9. Ghost23

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    Mine looks the same way. It's very depressing.
  10. Happysniper1

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    Scheels - none in stock, do not know when they will have it, they do not usually carry "oddball" calibers (sales guy's term ;))
    Cabelas - one in stock, on hold, they will call me back when they can check when hold expires. New deliveries on Thursday, 4x G32G4 on the list $580+Brady+Tax
    Sportsmans Warehouse - none in stock, have stock deliveries due tomorrow (Wednesday) $575+Brady+Tax

    Sorry it took so long to reply...:D
  11. Last week I stopped in Cabelas on a Thursday around noon. It was so freaking packed it looked like it was Saturday around noon. I asked a guy standing in the line to pay for guns how long he was there. He said he took a number and it took 30mins to get called. Then he said after he picked out his gun and filled out the papers he has been standing inline to get his info checked and pay his money for alittle over a hour. I was like my god. I think im going to be so excited to get mine I wont be paying attenchun to the time.
    People are buying up guns like the end of the world is next week. The line had all shapes and sizes with all kinds of different back grounds. The public is just arming them selves at a crazy rate. Dont blame em.
  12. Ghost23

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    Awesome! I'll have to check out Cabella's and see what I can do about ordering it. Thanks!
  13. jonm61

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    I don't know how much the Maya have to do with it, but I'm sure the election and the crap choices we have for president aren't helping. With Obama running relatively even with Romney and Santorum, and both of them having issues of their own to overcome in an election, I think a lot of people are hedging their bets that Obama's going to be around for another 4 years.
  14. series11

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    Your making me cry...:(

    America can't hold together for another 4 years of him. This economy has been building up for decades but Obama hasn't helped the situation at all. well once the Mayan calander is wrong and just like Y2K people are left with food and guns buried in their backyards and properties now maybe it will be better for gun rights as more of the people will have them. That is what I am hoping. Sucks to buy though, that is why I got my XCR in 7.62x39, lots of cheap soviet bloc ammo.

    The only thing I am worried about when the end date is coming are all the wackos that are going to do what they want and blame it on the psychosis of the end of the world. That and maybe a second baby boom because all the losers will want to do it for the last time and freak out the girls to do it because they love them.... then post fake mayan end date the guys won't be found...
  15. Ghost23

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    I'm gonna be one of those losers, I'm not gonna lie hahaha. I turn 21 tomorrow, and this year is gonna be fun. Especially around that time.
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  16. KeenansGarage

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    I was in my Local Gun Shop this past weekend, and the guys behind the counter were saying that they couldn't get anything in soon and probably wouldn't. I went to a big box store (Academy) and their shelves looked horrible. I don't know why, but most inexpensive AR parts sites are all on 'backorder.' I hope all of this is hype...I have some items I wanted to purchase this year!
  17. jonm61

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    Me too. As usual, for the 20+ years I've been voting, there will not be a single candidate to vote for that I actually want in office. Not one. It's always a choice of the lesser of the evils. When it comes to the presidential race, all I care about, at this point, is that Obama loses.

    If my Congressman were up for reelection, I would vote for him again. He's one of the 2010 Freshman class and one of the few good ones in DC.

    When my POS Senators come up for reelection, though, I will work for anyone who challenges them. They need to be out of office for so many reasons. They're both "Republicans" but they certainly don't give a damn about the Constitution or our freedom.

    I was watching Ancient Aliens on History the other day and they've put forth a new Maya end calendar theory...they think that besides the possibility of the world ending, etc., that instead it's the date that the Mayan "gods" aka "aliens" will return.

    I would be ok with that, as long as they don't come in all pissed off because their "subjects" are dead and we've let all their pyramids and stuff go to hell.

    It would be even better if, when they left again, they took all the "Progressives" with them. :D