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Brownells Serious About Firearms Since 1939

Dear ,

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot in the news recently about major credit companies coming together to create a new merchant category code (MCC) for firearm and ammunition retailers. We’ve received a lot of inquiries about what this means, how it could impact customers and how Brownells is classified today and in the future.

Therefore, I wanted to reach out to you – a valued customer and friend – to clarify a few things regarding this issue.

Brownells Classification Now & Going Forward
First and foremost, I want you to know that Brownells has long been classified as a “sporting goods retailer” by credit card companies. After conversation with our banking partners, we have confirmed that we will continue to be classified as a SPORTING GOODS RETAILER.

To be clear, we WILL NOT be changing to the new MCC dedicated to firearm and ammunition retailers. This is mainly due to the types of products we predominately sell.

Industry Impacts

Throughout Brownells’ 83-year-history in the firearm industry, we’ve proudly taken a stand for our industry, gun owners in general and the 2nd Amendment – irrespective of whether legislation, regulatory actions or other anti-2A measures have impacted us directly.

Put simply, we’re all in the fight for freedom and privacy together. Are we happy that our MCC code isn’t changing? Yes. However, we are deeply concerned with the impact this new classification may have on firearm owners or prospective firearm owners, local gun stores and even our competitors.

Therefore, you have my word that we will join in any effort to make our voices heard and to educate all parties involved in this matter.

Our Position on Your Privacy

We love offering you firearms, firearm accessories, parts, tools, ammunition, reloading products and all of the accoutrements to outfit your next firearm-related adventure. As shooters, hunters, firearm do-it-yourselfers, and gunsmiths ourselves, nothing brings us more pleasure than to see and hear from you about how our products, content and services help you pursue your passions.

However, I can assure you – our NUMBER ONE priority is the safety, security and privacy of your data. Our promise to you is that we will continue to vehemently guard your personal data and order information, always.


Chad Martin
CEO, Brownells, Inc.
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