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Electronic Scale

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So I am looking to get the Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage kit. I comes with the Lee Safety scale and from what I read it is decent. However I might want to get an electronic scale. Like tumblers I read a lot of mixed reviews. Anybody have experience with Frankford Arms 750, RCBS 750 rangemaster or Hornady Lock and Load scale.

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Sorry for blowing up the reloading section.
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I have found the Frankford Arsenal mini electronic scale ($22 at Cabella's) to be eminently suitable for my reloading needs. It comes with a manual calibrating weight (10grams if I am not mistaken) for the occasional recalibration, has manual self-zero reset, and a tare function that does not drift.

Accuracy is not in question, and I actually bought a second scale of a different brand just to cross-calibrate. Unfortunately, I have since given the second scale away.

A couple of important things though when using an electronic scale: let it come to room temperature when you use it, and never breathe on it while you are using it....the temperature difference in exhaled breath versus room temperature is enough to throw it off by several fractions of a grain.

Digital electronic scales are, in my mind, the way to go. Together with digital electronic calipers, too!
Listen to hs1 he is very knowledgeable an quick to answer... Don't be sorry for asking questions... How else would you learn... But I agree with hs1 again only because I have the same scale and hasn't steered me wrong in over 3 years the only thing I'll add is to always have fresh batteries on hand other than that it's a great scale
Thank you both for your input, I am definitely more confident in getting one. As a poor college student this stuff adds up quick. As long as its fairly reliable and simple that's great.
I know what your going through I was extremely broke when I started up... But over time you will set up a bench that has all that you need
Im using the Hornady I got at Sportmans for $28. Comes with 100gram calibration weight. No issues.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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