Ejecting casings hitting me in the face!

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  1. I posted a range report yesterday after installing the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 connector and 6lb trigger spring in my G26G4 and it performed great, but it just now dawned on me that while my son and I were shooting, we were occasionally getting brass ejected in our face. I've put over 1000 rounds thru this gun and ive never noticed it doing before! However, I did disassemble the slide for the first time to do a thorough cleaning before I installed the Ghost. Everything came apart easy and went back together easy, so did I do something wrong in my reassembly of the slide? The gun shot great! No hang ups, just hot brass in my face every few rounds! Opinions/Comments? Thanks!
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    it happens some times. my gen4 21 did it out of the box. just keep some glasses on safety first!

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    Same thing happens to me with my Glock 21 Gen 4. Set Glock an email 3 weeks ago. Still no response.
  4. I get a casing to the head with my G21 sometimes all so but I found out my problem was limp wresting the gun. With the proper grip I don't get hit with any casing. So you might want to look into how you hold the gun before you start replacing parts that you may not need to replace. :)

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    Ditto on the overhead ejected casing with my 21SF. The limp wrist is an interesting point because now that that's pointed out, I do recall normal sideways ejection as well. I'll have to pay more attention next time on the range.
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    What's the number on the ejector? Is it 336 or 30274?(9mm)


    Some recent production Gen3/4 9/40/357 eject erratically. Sometimes it's caused by the extractor not moving freely enough, it's simple enough to replace it if that's the case. With some however, something else is causing it because using an older extractor known to work properly in another Glock makes no difference. My Gen3 G27 had the problem and using the extractor from my Gen3 G23 which ejects fine made no difference. When I compared how each slide held the extractor from my G23, the claw sat noticeably further forward in the G27 slide both with and without the rim of a spent casing under the claw, and the spent casing was held to the breech face with noticeably less tension. In the case of my G27, I believe the cut-out in the slide which holds the extractor was not positioned correctly. I installed a 28926(.40) ejector into the Gen3 trigger housing for this gun and replaced the extractor with an older extractor and that fixed the problem.

    The solution to the problem can vary quite a bit from one gun to another. For some, simply replacing the extractor fixes it. For others, the new ejector is required(pictured above). For some, both are required. And for a rare few, they actually have to use a .40 extractor in their 9mm slide to fix the ejection. The .40 extractor claw sits closer to the breech face to more firmly hold the rim, and has a 5 degree rearward tilt to the claw to help raise the case mouth of the spent casing higher during ejection so that it better clears the bottom of the ejection port. In most cases of erratic ejection in a 9mm slide, the .40 extractor drops right in, it functions fine and fixes the ejection problem. In one case the guy had to file down the very top portion of the claw that sits closest to the breech face because the rounds wouldn't feed until a certain amount was filed down. Once he filed it down to the right point, it functioned and ejected perfectly.

    Here's a picture showing the difference between 9mm and .40 extractor claws. On top is 9mm, note the parallel claw. On bottom is .40, note the tilt to the claw. The very top of the .40 claw is what had to be filed down in one case to make it work properly in a 9mm Glock.

    Edit: As firesupport says below, almost every single case I've heard of erratic ejection in a .45ACP Glock has been fixed by replacing the extractor.
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  7. Had the same problem with my 21sf.. replaced the extractor and no more problems
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    Just recently bought 2 19's and both had that kind of problem. The new ejector fixed both of them
  9. My number on the ejector in my G21 is: 8196-2
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    That's the latest ejector for .45, there is no new ejector to change the ejection pattern for .45.
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    I only get casing ricochets lol
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    I hate ricochets. I forgot my Oakley eye pro one day and had to rent shop glasses and had a .40 casing bounce off the wall and land in between my check and glasses. It burnt like hell until I could set my 23 down and pull my glasses back. Needless to say I had a nasty little burn for a few days. I never forget my personal eye pro when going to the range now.
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    My Gen 4 21 ejects brass to face and arms also. Sent it in for repair . Love the new 21 otherwise.
  14. My Gen4 21 does it too.
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    My Gen 4 G21 ejects brass to face and arms . Remington 230 mc 850 and fiocci 230 fmj 850 . 250 rounds Remington and 150 rounds fiocci . I get this pretty often I have myself and 2 others on video no limp wristing and no attachments on it. Should get it back soon I hope .
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    Mine was caused by limp wristing. I have the old style ejector and once I fixed my grip and stopped limping it. No more brass to the face
  17. Well, 5 months after this OP, my G26 Gen 4 did in fact have the old 336 ejector, so I ordered the new 30274 about a month ago and I have put about 300 rounds thru it with no casings hitting me. So, I'm hoping this is a permanent fix! Range time will tell!
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    My G21 Gen4 did this out of the box and I thought it was the gun. I then got a G19 Gen4 and the same thing happened and it turned out to be limp wristing! I rarely get brass to my face now that I concentrate more on the grip.
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    Got my G21 back today it does have a new extractor in it . It had a #2 in it before now it has a #8 non dipped.Can't wait for the weather to clear up and see if its fixed.
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    Any more play time with it? My 17 gen3 and 23 gen4 still do it.