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Daily Load Out (from another gun forum thread)

Ruger LCR with IWB or Fobus depending on travel plans, speed strip. (daily)
Sig P228 9mm, extra 13 round mag, belt slide holster. (weekends usually)

Maxpedition Wallet
Droid Phone
Streamlight Microstream
Key for vehicle and house, thumb drive for work
Gould Belt, Double layer, stiff. (not shown)


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Glock 22 15+1
Extra mag 15
Pepper spray
Keys: home, work, truck, Swiss army knife, LED light, whistle, fire starter, .50bmg kubaton.
Inhaler (asthma)
Cold steel spartan knife
Para cord bracelet
Cabelas riggers belt
(Holsters and bracelet are homemade)
A friend of mine has Asthma, and will not carry or use Pepper Spray because it will cause him more trouble and he'd be down and out. Something to think about.
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