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Daily Load Out (from another gun forum thread)

Ruger LCR with IWB or Fobus depending on travel plans, speed strip. (daily)
Sig P228 9mm, extra 13 round mag, belt slide holster. (weekends usually)

Maxpedition Wallet
Droid Phone
Streamlight Microstream
Key for vehicle and house, thumb drive for work
Gould Belt, Double layer, stiff. (not shown)


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I heard pepper spray or something less than lethal because if you have to shoot the jury will see that you used less than lethal before you shot. Personally I think it depends on the situation. I get a split second to react to something that they have a ton of time to think over and pull apart.

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Hand tool Tool Auto part Metalworking hand tool Pipe wrench

Glock 22 15+1
Extra mag 15
Pepper spray
Keys: home, work, truck, Swiss army knife, LED light, whistle, fire starter, .50bmg kubaton.
Inhaler (asthma)
Cold steel spartan knife
Para cord bracelet
Cabelas riggers belt
(Holsters and bracelet are homemade)


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Ah, didn't know we were getting into that much detail

Glock 26 (std 10 rd mag)
G-17 mag
Crossbreed Supertuck
Crossbreed IWB mag holster
Comp-Tac Kydex reinforced belt
Dental Floss in case I get chicken stuck in between my teeth <- joke

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G30SF + mag (10+1)
2x Spare mag (20)
Cold Steel's American Lawman Mini 2.5in folder
Leatherman Wave
Spare cellphone battery + charger
Decoy wallet
Real "wallet"

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That's actually something I've thought of doing before. A wallet to give up if someone gets the drop on me.

As of now its just my little Snap-On knife and my wallet and keys. I'm taking my CCW class in a week then waiting for Arapahoe County to to sign off on the permit, so no G19 carry yet. But I will be adding that and a mag to it when I'm legal.

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extra mag
Kershaw pocket folder
Sog boot knife
Beretta Bobcat
mini-mag light

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Decoy wallet?
Yes. For the very reason that webphisher says.

It contains stuff of no consequence: couple of business cards for local detectives, those fake credit cards that you get in the credit card offers, various bills I copied along with a real dollar, and fake photos. Nothing with real information other than the afore mentioned business cards.

I carry it weak side and practice pulling it out so the action looks natural.

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extra mag, cuffs, ID case, badge and cell phone.
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