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My setup is coming together more and more. I just got the Leatherman Rebar multitool the other day so figured I’d share my work in progress. Probably grab a new pen soon and a few other items. But here is my “pocket dump” on EDC carry if you will-oh and I added links to each item of anyone wants to see or get them.

Kore nylon belt with X5 buckle:

Springfield XD with Tier 1 tactical holster

Airo Collective Slim leather wallet

Randolph Aviator sunglasses

Leatherman REBAR multi tool

Airomat watch (from Watch Gang)

Might go with Everyman for the pen. Not sure if others have used those before.

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Nice post! Good stuff there. My issue is that I constantly change my EDC, as the mood strikes me. I should probably try and stick to one or two platforms.
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